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Sun, Apr 14, 2019, 1:44pm (UTC -6)
Re: ORV S2: Sanctuary

"They might have hang-ups about it, but they wouldn't be the same kind of hang-ups we have."

I actually didn't like Sanctuary, for that reason--the way the Moclans have been portrayed as one-dimensional misogynists this season seems like a retcon.

(Klyden in particular seems to geting exponentially more bigoted as the season progresses. Klyden had never displayed any overt hostility towards non-Moclan females until this episode, and how is Bortus's denunciation of him as an inverterate xenophobe supposed to square with him eating Rocky Road ice cream while swooning over "The Sound of Music"? And it makes Bortus's initial determination to stand by Klyden despite their differences just seem foolhardy.)

The analogy with misogynistic human cultures seems really strained, Moclan women aren't being denied a voice or standing, they're being forced to become men.

The writer's Bortus-y reaction to Parton was supposed to be funny I guess (I just found it corny) but it just seemed to cheapen the character. She's the greatest writer in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF HER PLANET. She not merely talented, she's a towering genius without equal. She's also a born iconoclast who was raised outside of Moclan society by her iconoclastic parents. How could she possibly be so parochial and incurious that she would have had never sought out another planet's artworks even once?

(Bortus's Rankin-Bass-inspired epiphany in About A Girl worked so because it was such a cleverly constructed multilayer gag--on it's face the idea that Bortus could be turned by a cartoon aimed at six-year-olds is ridiculous, so naturally only the comic-relief doofuses would even consider attempting it. But it works--becuase the ideas in the story are such common currency in Earth culture than only a child would be unfamiliar with them, but Bortus had had little exposure to Earth culture and had never encountered them before--and he suddenly understood that his crewmates ire wasn't just anti-Moclan prejudice but might have a serious philisophical justification.

And as an outsider to Earth culture, he could articulate that philosophy with a clarity and eloquence the Earthlings couldn't have themselves--they were so deeply embedded in their own assumptions that they had never even thought of stating their objections in those terms, the Moclan stance was just wrong and bad and that's all there was to it.)

I'm not sure how granting the colony autonomy is supposed to solve the problem--unless doing so nullifies the colonists' Moclan citizenship in the process then in effect it would just be one more Union planet that could offer them asylum, and it wouldn't stop the Moclan government from shutting down the "underground railroad", which was run by Moclans. So why not just offer the colonists asylum instead of gambling that the Union council will take a highly risky stand in the middle of fighting a war with a bunch of genocidal AIs?

About A Girl was a civil case between two parents, there was never any real question about asylum being granted if Bortus and Klyden had jointly asked for it. The colony was obviously far away from Moclan space so presumably the Moclans couldn't claim jurisdiction there, and if they tried to use force they'd be breaching the very Union charter thet were trying to claim protection under.

What is the future of the colony now that it has autonomy? Do Moclan females need males to procreate? If they do will the offspring have the usual Moclan sex ratio? (That could cause a few problems, to put it mildly.) If they don't, are we going to end up with a Moclan society split between two mutually hostile one-gender planets a la Vandread?
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