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Fri, Feb 10, 2017, 12:11am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Parturition

How about a leola root broth!


Of course the transporter problem, radiation, interference, and whole yadda yadda is just contrived setup, and an obvious attempt to put Paris-Neelix to resolve their problem. But once that is overlook, I find the show is enjoyable, and at least stay true to the character traits we know. We know Paris is the best pilot, and Neelix is the best for food resource.

I also think is about the time the show put an end for Neelix annoying overjealosy attitude. It's excessive and overbearing. I guess they recognize that and try to solve in this episode (as Michael Piller said after he voice his criticsm Neelix continue potrayal as Buffon per last episode 'Twisted').

Considering not much value on the overall stories, and we're pretty much know what the show direction going to be from the start (reconciliation of Paris-Neelix). I find the scene, act, and dialogue is a well-done, not stray-out from their character, and manage to do their goal just fine while avoid overdoing it (by having some live saving situation like Tuvok in 'Learning Curve' or other silly forced situation).
McNeill and Ethan Phillips doing a respectable job here, and I really feel sorry for Phillips that his character doesn't get much chance or develop further (doomed to be annoying character and comic relief for much part).

I'm a bit curious Jammers, you rate 'Learning Curve' better than this one. While i think that episode is way much more silly and contrived without so much character development anyway.

While Jammers think the alien is uninteresting by cruise in, fire their phasers a few times, check their nest, and leave. I think it's refreshing. Their attribute is quite easily be associated to a defensive nature of species protect their hatchling.

Leave the egg unattended also something reptilian do in real-nature environment, I defenitely do not think that strains credulity Jamers. Tortoise is even known for travelling hundreds kilometer back to their born habitat just to hatch. So I appreciate it the alien relate to our known nature of reptilian, and for once I do think the writers do the homework.

I'm also grateful the script avoid the another hard-headed-alien of the week and save by the last second cliche. So overall for me it's a good character development episodes, especially for Neelix.
The one grudge I have is the annoying shaking camera effect, but it's fairly a minor, and thank god only on the shuttle scene.

Some insert-joke that still related to the plot also help :
"Ï'm a doctor, not voyeur" -- Doc to Janeway
"How delightful. Why I can quote you autopsy report from duels as far back as 1538" -- Doct to Kes
"And you expect to take care this thing until what? It graduates from high school, college?" -- Paris to Neelix

Enjoyable and refreshing episodes for me, also a good character development
3 (***) stars
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Thu, Feb 9, 2017, 9:06pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Twisted

Oh boy.. Another wasted premise!

The idea is decent, a ship that keep changing it's shape mysteriously, and the crew racing with time to solve the problem.
We got a grasp of what's going on 10 minutes into the show (5 mins of that is wasted/unrelated Kes B'day scene), it's doing quite okay and starting to get eerie by the scene of B'ellana and Baxter in transporter room.
Alas, as usual it's going down hill from there. We got Doctor comedic scene in the holodeck, then Neelix annoying-overjealous scene over Paris and everything after that, completely ruin the tense buildup.

It's not until after another 15 minutes that the plot advanced when Janeway accidentally contact that 'space distortion whatever', rescued back to holodeck, then a real attempt to overcome 'this week anomaly' being made by Torres-Paris, then Torres-Kim (with overplay act) . That attempt took around 10 minutes screen time.
With a total ~35 minutes into the show, we have 10 minutes left.

What happen on the last 10 minutes? Nothing! Yeah literally... nothing...
Tuvok suggest they doing nothing as the attempt proven fruitless so far and another attempt may only endanger them more, while doing nothing is not proven otherwise.

I get the idea of the writer try to convey the nuances of hopeless, defeat, and acceptance, but it's feel really weak. It didn't feel like they are trying that hard anyway, too much time wasted on circling the corridor scene, by the time attempt was made it's on 30 mins mark.
Maybe a better pacing and directing could really help this episode, but it's all too late.
The defeat scene is not really that strong, feel clumsy... and dragging. In part, maybe because of the weak scene before it, in part.. maybe because we know there's not much to it anyway, we know very well the ships will be okay and shiny afterall!

I like the body-languange of Chakotay reaction when told he's going with Neelix, I think that's the best act of Beltran so far.. eh...
And... the scene of delirious Janeway is priceless
"it..s... do.. no..thing". I'm literally laugh out loud on this scene.
I just hope we have many episodes of Janeway act like this. I'm going to give a bonus 1 star for that scene alone!

1 star for the episode and another 1 star for the delirious Janeway scene
2 (**) star
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Thu, Feb 9, 2017, 3:56pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Parallax

I was hoping the 2nd episodes dealing with repairing the ship, losses of crew, then how integrating the maquis into Voyager (and handle the delicate problem come with it). Nevertheless, the ship is shiny and it seems the crew never been losses, it just been replaced on some starbase with a maquis crew (albeit having few disgruntled employee). But never a really big problem that require delicate action.

At least we have some unresolved problem with the integration, namely choosing for a new chief engineer.
I like the first half of the show, particularly the opening and banter between Janeway-Chakotay. They both made a solid point and reasonable, but i tend to agree with Chakotay more here.
Then it's revealed they just encounter anomaly with some temporal/time paradox on the mix. So, thats 2 for 2 cliche just on the 2nd episode.
A weak lame excuse to get into the main show, proving B'ellana worth as chief engineer to Janeway.. that is all too obvious.

And it's all go down the hill for the latter half part of the show. We knew Janeway was a science officer. But to made her sprouting techobable match with B'ellana, made each other continue finishing the sentence like they're twins, even wrapped the sentence at the end by shouting "Warp particles" together is too cheesy and way.. way over the top for my taste. Is this a teenager show?.
Hell yes Jammer, Janeway can take La Forge anytime on technobable match.. haha

Even worse after that.. It's contagius, the whole crew also start spewing technobable. Tuvok, Kim, Chakotay.. even Paris. Obviously they don't have enough material for the whole episodes and just trying to stretch it with technonses explanation. The shaking camera for the sake of dramatization made it more annoying.

We go to shuttle, this is not a bad scene. But why after they done widening the rupture they not just go straight out on the shuttle with voyager tailing the tail? Why they have to comeback to Voyager, wasting time and risking more (by have to choose which is the real one, and taking time to go back).

Speaking of wasting time.. Are we going to be treated with long cheesy speech of Janeway at every last scene of the episodes? She's doing it at the end of Caretaker, and now doing it again here. Aren't you suppose to get out as soon as possible before the rupture closing, wtf wasting time with cheesy speech? This is obviously not the time, a brief command will suffice!
I can even imagine Picard voice on my head "Mr. Data, take us out the here. Engage!" or Riker/Data suggest depart and Picard said "Make it so!"

Watchable episodes, but not a good one.
2 (**) star
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Thu, Feb 9, 2017, 1:27pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Caretaker

Solid pilot episodes, but with outrageous ending as a downfall!

Good Visual Effects, some insight to the characters trait. Decent setup plot, but it has it pitfall. There are some weird and stupid things as some of here already commented :

* A race capable interstellar ship having trouble with water? Well, at least it's a good thing that they want the technology and not having dumb moment just settle with bundle of water.
* Neelix practically trick and used Janeway-Voyager to get Kes. Janeway didn't bring this up, still accept and trust Neelix without questioning it? I expect her to confront him and put him under caution at the very least.
* The caretaker just kidnapped Voyager-Maquis crew, and killing more than a dozens of them in the process. But not only Janeway didn't push and confront this issue to the caretaker, she decided to help the entity wishes to protect the array rather than help herself and the crew!
* Janeway decision to destroy the Array. I believe this is a HUGE mistake by the writer. Stranded on Delta Quadrant with renegade crew is already challenging task, now they throw additional dilemma to Janeway but not willing to deal with the consequences (as we see at the end of episodes and throughout the series).
I think it will be better approach to let Janeway left with nothing can be done to use the array, or try to use the array but then failed, this will be more reasonable approach.
As Tuvok pointed, they don't have a clue how this will change the balance of power, they barely there and sure don't have the whole true perspective (for all we know, the caretaker could be the oppresant to another species and Kazon) and Janeway will be a complicit as a result helping caretaker if that is the case (As well as her first PRIME DIRECTIVE violations).

The conclusion is a big let down for me. It just make little sense (particularly after the stupid decision to destroy the array). Now let's see, after they destroy the array and made enemy with Kazon we have :
* Starfleet and Maquis forced to accept Janeway decision to destroy the array, only B'ellana questioning it, and she's quickly dismissed by Chakotay (who seems so quickly relinquish his influence/command and settled to play Janeway-sidekick). Let alone the Maquis, I find it's even hard to believe that none of the starfleet personel questioning the only mean they know to get home to be destroyed.
* They just loss at least dozens or more of their crew, heavy damage to the ship, but it seems they have no problem by the end of episodes (SURPRISE!!!).
* Dealing with the loss/dead crew, mourning and pay respect for them and repair the ship seems to me is the most prudent action to be done. The crew integration, reform chain of command surely can wait after the immediate problem is solved.
But No......... that is thrown aside, none of that happen as far as the viewer concern. The ships is magically repaired, the maquis crew is happily accept their integration (as the starfleet crew). Like there's nothing big happen, no live changing event happened. It feels like 'just another day in the office'. The crew just encounter another anomaly, got some of the crew injured and having crew replacement after transit on starbase.

That ship should be dealing with big repair problem and loss of the crew at the end of episodes. Not a happy bunch readily to work together like nothing big ever happened to them. It needs at least a whole episode (or better yet, several disjointed episodes) to deal with that!

I will say this will be a close to perfect pilot episodes if only they provide a good/reasonable conclusion. But the way this episodes end is just beyond me and destroyed that. It even has a cheesy lousy speech at the end without a single thread indicate and acknowledgement that they just lost a big chunk of their crew and supposedly crippled ship? SMH...

Side Note : Caretaker as an entity and species also interesting and provide huge potential for good stories as species that close to omnipotent being (at least to humanoid species). Yet, they only use it for 2 episodes and later choose to use (and destroy) Q character, rather than made good use their own creation and potential of entity/character.

3 (***) stars agreed
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Wed, Feb 8, 2017, 7:03pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: State of Flux

Easily the best episodes for Season 1

"I had my eyes on young ensign Kim" -- Seska
Haha.. Even as early in the series, Kim already destined to doom with women

I love this episodes. It has every part of what Voyager needs. Correlation and consequences to it's main premise, character growth, internal conflict based on reasonable development, and formidable intellectual opponent (not your weekly hard-headed-alien of the week). Hackett doing impressive job taking role of Seska.

Apart from straying out from it's main premise (lost in delta quadrant with limited resouce and renegades crew) over the series. Another thing that I think Voyager lack is presence of an equal opponent. Opponent with moral & politically complex, a cunning and intectually challenging opponent who can do battle of wits, battle of deception. Seska with Kazon help can provide this nicely (at least for a while).

I know Beltran having quarrel with the way writers and his character treated later on the season. But is he already lost interest as early on first season? He's having poor performance in this episodes. Even Lt. Carey doing a better job when being cornered as suspect.
Chakotay/Beltran on the other hand, looks indifferent throughout the episodes, and this should be his show! He doesn't look much worry, troubled, threatened when Seska accussed, or when he's talk to Seska.
Even on the closing scene with Tuvok, he just casually talk "Misery loves company, Tuvok". But nothing on his voice or body languange shown someone that has just gotten through big ordeal of being fouled, betrayed, lost, depressed. It's like he doesn't care and just doing his line.

3.5 stars
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Tue, Feb 7, 2017, 9:20pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Emanations

@ Jay. In fairness, it never mention how long it takes to get that 0.6 ly. Could be 1 minutes, 5, 10, 30 minutes. Who knows? But I sure don't want to see a 5 min scene Voyager go to the distance.


I don't mind the afterlife episodes. Anything but the usual cliche episodes of Hard-Headed-Alien or Anomaly-of-the-Week i'm okay. But I'm not sure what this stories want to tell. We know nothing about death? Well, nothing new there, it's beaten to the death (pardon-the-pun)
The implication to the social/belief exposed and challange? Just barely scratch

This stories has the potential to be character growth episodes of Chakotay and Kim, but it wasted on them. Kim with his technical knowledge can be utilized to found a way communicate or locate where he is, Chakotay with his anthropology knowledge can be utilized to learn more depth about the alien culture. Then working from both side they can work on elaborate attempt for rescue Kim. Along the way we can get glimpse how the interference affect their culture and belief.

Instead, Chakotay insight on the burial site come as a bit silly and no use at all for the overall plot. Only used as a shallow prelude that the people on burial site trust after-life.
Kim is the same thing. Wang, this should be your show, but some of the guest star even perform better than you. Not that the script much help though. The writer made him completely useless, not able to point out where he is, nor do anything useful to investigate the problem, the culture, anything that can be useful. Naah.. He's just go along with the flow and hope luck will bring him back by using the cenotaph again.

BTW. Who's dumb idea to wake someone from death, surround it like somekind of ambush, then proceed to interrogate, and you suprised she's panicking Captain?
Kes declared death? Didn't she's just recently learn anatomy, not even qualified yet for medic? Don't we have Doctor for that?

Meh for that last second cliche arrival of Kim, just when Voyager about to leave. Damn Torres, you should said 'leave' a little earlier.. we don't lose anything here

Agree on 2 (**) stars
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Tue, Feb 7, 2017, 5:28pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Eye of the Needle

First piece of Alpha Quadrant episodes

The talk scene between Janeway and Telek is nicely done. The subtle feel of lonely and stranded is well conveyed by choosing the scene done in Janeway ready room not on the bridge, although the 'Good Night' part is weird and out of character for Romulan.

The rest of the interaction with the Romulan is just feel like a complete setup, hardly feel like dealing with a Romulan.
The part of Janeway talk to Telek about his family feels too much as contrived.
The conversation inquiring his family is a bit too long and forced, I can't imagine a Romulan feel like chit-chat with Federation about his family, particularly when suspecting a foulplay (spy). It's an obvious attempt to relate the lost feeling to audience, but feel so forced and unnatural.
Tuvok finding about Telek also very unlikely, not that it matters anyway.

I know it's for dramatic purpose eh.. But hey, do you really think Romulan Captain will allow device being transported in front of his face without any security measure taken in place beforehand, not beaming it to transporter platform and placing it on high security containment fied then check before taking it.

The way the crew treat Doc as so rude is also unnatural and over the top. They're no stranger to alien and another lifeform, neither to artificial intelligence. I don't recall Data treated anywhere like that on the Enterprise, even in the early episodes. It doesn't click to me, and the scene on sickbay when the crew mistreated Doc feel like a complete setup.

Janeway and Kes scene is better and more believable.
Piccardo doing a great job depicting slightly annoyed and depressed without overdoing it, and it's a real character development that he's given acknowledgment as crew member by Janeway

Good and touching episodes, but the scene and script could do better.
2.5 star for me
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Tue, Feb 7, 2017, 1:25pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: The Cloud

Some amusing quote :
"There's coffe in that nebula (Or not)" -- Janeway
"In other words, you've never seen anything like it. Oh, I promise not to tell junior officer" -- Kim to Tuvok
"These people are natural-born idiots if you ask me"
"Let's see if we find some space anomaly today that might rip the ship apart" -- Neelix
"I don't think the captain is an idiot" -- Kes (I don't know you do sarcasm, Kes)
"We have complement of 38 photon torpedoes at our disposal Captain"
"And no way to replace them after they gone" -- Chakotay and Janeway
"Let's see, You ran your ships to it, fire phaser at it, and blew a hole in it with photon torpedo" -- Doctor to Janeway

A cliche with 'Phenomenon of the Week' that turn out to be life-form. It has some good character insight tough, but I don't see any real development. I like the last scene when the Captain try bonding up with the crew by joining the holodeck. Although why holodeck used while the ship depleted on energy resource remain a mystery to be resolve (or never to be resolved and best forgetten). The fact that writers need a holodeck scene this early on series is also worrying, seems they already dry on idea just on the 5th episodes.

Some annoying scene :
They back to the 'nebula' try to heal the wound without plan? Just making up along the way? Nice luck Captain!
Everyone tumbling/fall, B'ellana even fall from 2nd foor of engineering is over the top and tedious.
Neelix go 180 to self-appointed 'moral officer' after asking to leave on his shuttle?

Watchable, but nowhere near memorable
2 (**) star
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Tue, Feb 7, 2017, 11:39am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Phage

Good episodes with some promising character development

I like the Vidians, they're not just random Hard-Headed-Alien of the week and has some depth to their character. Too bad after 'The Faces' (which I considered also a good episodes) they drop this complex alien character trait which made them unique, and turn it into just another Hard-Headed-Alien of the week that want to invade the ship (Deadlock, Resolutions).

Kes and Doctor interactions was very good here. It puts the foundation for Doc motivation to growth beyond his programming (and ultimately the most interesting character in series), while also develop Kes character by taking more responsibilities.

Neelix also got some character development by taking initiative to form galley and interest on more active role on the ship. He's taken the news of incapacitated condition quite good and reasonable initially "Your ceiling is hideous".
Too bad from then on his character is spiraling down and damned by making him an irritable character for most of the time throughout entire series, also with Obsessive-Jealous trait beyond reasonable for Kes (which would not be tone-down and resolved until season 2).

I found Janeway resolution is acceptable/reasonable given the condition that :
a) Taken the lung back from the Vidians wouldn't work on Neelix as it has bio-chemically altered to suit Vidians (at least not without the Vidians help)
b) It's pretty much a First-Contact condition. Getting new enemy and inducing the possibility of all-out war to a new species, especially when you're alone in the galaxy should avoided if it's all possible. She made a strong grond stance and reasonable ultimatum here, so I'm okay with it.
I agree the misty-eyed is a bit over the top acting. Mulgrew over the series seems have the tendency over-doing with body languange, which sometimes I found downright annoying (the occassional smirk and smarmy attitude)

On trailer they mention to build "refining facility to process dilithium". This is one big lost potential that I regretted much they dont follow through (even seems forgotten and discarded by the end of this episodes).
How awesome can be if the idea is taken into action and expanded to "R&D and Tech Dept" later. Something like Astrometric Dept, but the idea here is to founded dedicated department for experimental technology and a way that allow them get home sooner.

They can utilize Harry (so he have something to do other than cant-get-a-lock) and Lt. Carey as recurring guest for that department. One or two episodes every seasons will be enough. That will give a real sense of Voyager evolve and adapt to it's condition. Find a way of replace depleted torpedo, new energy, new com method, etc. Not just magically having infinite torpedo from their ass, and found magic technology at any random episodes they chose to. Ah well, one can hope.

Good episodes, but not a great one.
Agree on 3 (***) stars
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Mon, Feb 6, 2017, 9:48pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Time and Again

I like the premise. Janeway and Paris trap in timeloop, the crew made rescue attempt and set the whole motion of catasthropy and timeloop. It's reminisence of 'TNG-Cause and Effect', but the premise is sound good to me.

Alas, not the execution though. After Janeway and Paris trap into the loop, the stories practically going (almost) nowhere, and we have to endure bad dialogue and terrible guest star performance until the last part when everything revealed and matter.

The excessive use of technobable also not helping. I can't help thinking they don't have enough material to fit the scene time. The away team keep repeating technobable to explain everything unnecessarily while circling around to attempt rescue.

While I'm at the away team. Why the heck is all senior officer go on rescue/away team?
They have Janeway and Paris trapped. Now Chakotay, Tuvok, Harry, B'ellana, and Kes sent on rescue too. Who's in charge on the Voyager bridge then? Neelix? They don't have 'redshirt' to spare for away team? All senior officer go down to the planet?
Guess they're lucky no Hard-Headed-Allien or another anomaly appears while the away team down there, otherwise the whole ship will be at the mercy of Neelix, Lt. Carey, plus a bunch of unnamed ensign and cadet. This is absurd!
Doc was spot on "It seems I found myself on the voyage of the damn"

All the sign for the big RESET BUTTON [TM] is flashing with all senior officer down there. It's obvious no way something really bad going to happen on the planet, or they will lost all the regular cast bar Neelix and Doc.

The conclusion is a big confusion, messed, and a let down. So what's really happen?
Was they really come to planet? Was preventing the rescue break the loop? How Janeway, Paris and the rest of the away team can back to the ship after the disaster been prevented? The loop start on the planet, why suddenly they comeback at the ship?
Heck, was it really happen anyway or was it all just Kes dream?

I suspect the writer don't even have the answer for the conclusion so they left this messed unanswered. It just too ambigous and don't make sense! (I knew better know, that this is one of many episodes on VOY that you have to disengage your brain to enjoy it) So here comes the cleanest Reset button. It never happened eh....

It tries to emulate 'Cause and Effect', but not even came close (pace, acting, directing). On 'Cause and Effect' the loop was broken by (finally) avoiding The Bozeman, and concluded it took 17 days for the Enterprise crew to break free.
Here on Voyager... They're just fooling around, without knowing what happen and Reset It. The ship is perfectly fine and shiny.. Nothing happen guys, we're just kidding!

What a waste of premise
2 (**) stars seems about right
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Mon, Feb 6, 2017, 1:38pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S7: Author, Author

Great episodes utilizes satire comedics. But I'm afraid it takes the wrong turn once it transform into serious theme and ressurrect "Measure Of A Man" by bring the AI rights and sentient life form.

1. The mixing of this two extreme opposites it just watering down both of them, are this intended to be a serious or comedic? It just too extreme opposites and hard to fully enjoy the comedic or dig the moral element to the full. It's not quite funny again when the tone change, but also hard to accept as serious by the earlier tone it set and the limited time remaining to fully ingest and conclude.
2. The testimony of crew feel like a cheap cheesy scene, each basically said along the line "he's my friend.. help me do this and this", with closure pretty much mirroring 'MOAM'
3. This is not a new case. I'm suprised they didn't do a name-drop (something the show usually love doing to boost audience) by mentioning Data to help this case, which has much relevant. Maybe the limited time, royalty to Brent Spinner or just because it's the last season made the entire Voyager crew lazy to dig on starfleet database, along with Starfleet and Barclay (crewmate on Enterprise).

Last, but not least. I mention this on 'Life Line'. EMH doing menial task to scrap conduit, picking garbage, dilithium or whatever other menial task is just DONT MAKE SENSE. It just a plot tool to injured Zimmerman pride so the scene of Zimmerman Vs The Doc have more impact on 'Life Line'
I never imagine they gonna use that stupid plot and continue the issue, it's ridiculous in the first place and continue beating that bush is downright stupid.

Consider this :
* EMH relegated to scrubbing conduits and garbage. How is the society able to convert matter into energy need it in the first place?
* Even if it somehow need, with the whole 24th technology it should be piece of cake to make it an automatic recycling process or done via unmanned simple robotic.
* Even if somehow some special place needs that one to be done manually and a robotic tehcnology is not an option, made new hologram matrix specific to the task will be a better and more efficent, why use a sophisticated hologram matrix (and wasting a resource) for menial task.
* Even if somehow they need a sophisticated hologram, change the physical parameter so they are not resemblance a particular person (particularly the creator) will be a simple task, it doesn't make sense Starfleet want to humiliate their precious scientiest nor Zimmerman allow it.

In a short : NONSENSE!


Sorry, turning direction of the comedic into serious based on flawed premise actually kill the enjoyment and hurt the full potential in my view.
Instead getting one full outstanding comedic like 'Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy' or moral and ethically engaging like 'Measure Of A Man', this one just feel like half-baked with trying to do both based on flawed premise.

2.5 star
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Sun, Feb 5, 2017, 12:18pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Life Line

When your most interesting and great acting come from the only character who is not even a real person in the series, have to rely on that character many times to have great show. You know then as a whole series Voyager is suffering.

Dont get me wrong, I love the Doctor character, and Piccardo shown just how good he is on this performance. It's just a shame that we very rarely see that kind of performance and character growth on the other, and seeing him again pulling the leg (along with Jeri) for the show, is kinda bit tiresome.

The setup is a bit cliche, but the whole premise is sound, the plot is good and well executed. The bit that Barclay-Troi made a foulplay to trick is nice, it made better than they just suddenly settle the diffference.

The one thing that I found ridiculous and cheap trite is the EMH-1 relegated to scrubbing conduits and garbage. How is the society that convert matter into energy need it in the first place? Even if it somehow need, with the whole 24th technology it wouldn't be hard to make it an automatic recycling process or done via unmanned robotic.
Let's go further, even if somehow some special place needs that one to be done manually and a robotic tehcnology is not an option, send a simple hologram matrix specific to the task will be a better and more efficent, why use a sophisticated (and wasting a resource) for a menial task.
Even if somehow they need a sophisticated hologram, change the physical parameter so they are not resemblance a particular person (particularly the creator) will be a simple task, it doesn't make sense Starfleet want to humiliate their precious scientiest nor Zimmerman allow it. In a short : NONSENSE!

Not a classic, but it's great episodes, 3 (***) stars
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Sun, Feb 5, 2017, 10:15am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Fury

Talk about character assasination.

The reason for Kes turn 180 is weak. For no good reason just turned into 'Hot Headed Allien' of the weak. If she's even that angry brought to Voyager, why dont go to earlier time and dont join Voyager the first place?

Why they even brought back Jennifer Lien just to ruin her character and at the end of the stories it doesn't even matter anymore? Nothing change.
Although nothing has change itself doesn't make sense. Do we can believe the young Kes will act the same way after know the Captain will kill her in the future? That will change the future dont it. No reason to believe it will be the same after all that been done.

The stories is messed up all over. Full of hole as many already mention. It's not even beliavable and stand a reason!

Heck. I'll give 1 (*) star just for the kewl Visual Effects
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Sat, Feb 4, 2017, 5:31pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Child's Play

Great Episodes, and it was a real pleasure to see some continuity here.

Jeri performed great performance here, potraying subtle emotions when it needs without going over the top and still maintain the borg-ness feel, but we feel it's there.
The 'lash-out' dialogue with Janeway also have strong ground, because it's reasonable for her character relate to Icheb, by connection of both their parents. Both is reckless and endagaring their child, so she feel responsible and a bit overprotective. It was a great scene.

Using Voyager as metaphore, that despite all the techonlogy and opportunity to explore galaxy, still the thing the crew most wanted is go home. That sentiment is beautifully conveyed to Icheb to try convince him that he is at his home with Brunali.

Still, there are some plot hole and weird things :
* Why the virus in Icheb body goes undetected for months? Doc should know this, it makes little sense to go that long unnoticed. Heck, even the transporter should detect that pathogen.
* If the virus kill all the adult drone on the cube. It should kill Seven, they are sharing the same link on the cargo bay, and seven still cybernatic-human hybrid.
* Seven didn't cross-check all the fact regarding Icheb, and needs to be reminded by Mizani before realize the deception? Seven on overprotected mode to Icheb, it's a bit out of character for her to overlook that fact and not knowing it in the firstplace. If it was Kim i would understand.

* So now Borg being reduced as common thief stealing peasant technology, what they really interested for by keep coming back to Brenali? Fertilizer and Irrigation technology? But missed the valuable thing like genetic engineering stuff? Dont make sense!
* What happen to assimilating it as wholesale and turn it into one of the colony. I get it maybe there are some escapee, but let them settled again and again on the same planet for the second, third time and so on? Borg have a second and moral problem now?
* Whatever happened to the Borg assimilating whole species, or their concern about members of assimilated species who've escaped, expressed, for instance by Hugh in TNG's "I, Borg"
* I buy the pathogen can destroy the cube. But what's good of that in the long term, if it's only effective for one cube? Surely after 2-3 attack by that pathogen, the Borg will adapt and the pathogen rendered useless. That's what Borg all about afterall. That what makes them so terrifying, by being adapt to whatever we throw and uncompromised. Are we saying Borg fall to the same trick over and over? Is this really a Borg we talking about?

Amusing moments :
* Seven cant-get-a-lock too.. eh
* Doc being cruel : "Do you think Naomi's Mother is irrelevant to her"
Likely Doc, we rarely seen her taking care of her children afterall... ahhah..

3 (***) star
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Sat, Feb 4, 2017, 3:05pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Ashes to Ashes

Poor Garreth Wang. His character gotten stereotype again by keep fall for unreachable woman (hologram, wrong twins, ex-borg, xenophobic race, and now a walking corpse).
I cant feel much sorry for him though. Getting paired with Kim Rhodes who put an excellent performance here, Wang looks terrible. One has to wonder how Wang can keep his role as maincast for full seven years with mostly mediocre to bad performance.
Ballard shows enthusiasm and full energic to finally comeback on Voyager, but Harry Kim just as bland as on usual day.. Didn't look happy, not overly concern either, worry or anything....
Just bland, like nothing is happened even though his suppose love-lost is now infront of him.

The premise is good, it's intriguing and has potential to become great episodes.
But Alas, i dont think it live to it's full potential here.

The unique race culture of procreating from corpse bring some intriguing question. But this never being explored further.
Why they need to reanimate? Why they can't procreate with 'normal species' way? What did they do to their own race after died? Why they didn't just reanimate their own race after they dead?
How did they define their people died if they can reanimate it?
How this 'grave robber' deal with other race who may accuse them being disrespect for disturb the dead?

It has potential for deep social and moral question. But instead, I only get a feeling of 'mistaken identity' episodes. Much of it because of poor plot
How come someone who's trying hard to comeback to her people by deceive his parents for 2 years, than proceeds to 6 months travel on space just abandon it at the first sign of trouble? Dont make sense. If her desire not that strong, surely the plan will be abandoned in the first place eh?

Not to mention the other stupid hole that broke continuity, when they can easily rectify it by changing Kim for Paris, changing the time of her death, etc.. etc..
Where was this Kabali Race home anyway? 6 months journey eh? But the father can retreat and ask for reinforcement and right away catch up to Voyager. That's not even count all the casual jump Voyager made so far! Sigh.. Show that the writer just dont care to much!

I dont like Seven as character, it has built-in deus ex machine with 'assimilation knowledge' and 'nanoprobe magic'. Personality and skill wise also in direct clash with Doctor and Torres.
It's good thing that Jery Ryan can actually act and put up a good show, not just being another 'eye-candy'.
The Plot-B is quite entertaining, and her one-liner in this episodes is hillarious :
"Fun will now comence"
"You will excercise punishment protocol 9-alpha"
"Resume your disorder"

Quite enjoyable episodes. But nowhere near great or very good with the obvious hole and poor plot
2.5 stars seems on the spot
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Sat, Feb 4, 2017, 12:25pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Spirit Folk

@Skeptical, you phrase much of what i thought, Kudo's

Janeway : "Our feelings towards them are real. I won't destroy these relationships"

Doctor should outright relieve Janeway out of duty by then, proceed to check if she's influenced by allien, or simply just go nuts and dont have mental capacity to be captain of starship!
Excuse me captain, your feeling towards Sullivan more important than the live of your 2 senior officer at stake? One more material for Court Martial

Agree. It's a good thing B'ellana and Seven hate each other.

Heck, even with my brain disengange for this episodes, I still found it excruciating. The scene and dialogue is shallow, overdragged, unnecessary long, and pointless.
At least 'Threshold' has an air of mystery and intriguing premise (although bad).
This episodes is worse than 'Threshold' and 'Genesis'.

-2 Star
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Sat, Feb 4, 2017, 11:05am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Collective

The continuation of Borg defanging!

What do we have so far?
Borg act stupid and 'dumbass villain' that didn't assimilate technology and knowledge put on silver platter with Raven and the Hansen/Seven parents (Dark Frontier). -- For what its worth, at least it has awesome visual effects eh --
A chitty chat ex-borg (Survival Instinct), and now..
A kiddie-infant borg!! Awwwww, thats cute, or am I suppose to be scared?
Seeing the trend, I even can predict the next (or last) defanging will be the Borg Queen before seeing that last lame final episode.

Bad premise, major plot hole, cheesie scene, and bad acting all over this episode.
The title said collective, but nothing that the borg-kiddie action even resemble collective. If anything, it seems like a hierarchy with 'One' assume the lead.

* Why the hell the borg didn't retrieve the cube, even though it only have 5 irrelevant drone, the vessel it self still in pretty good condition, surely they want to take it back
* Suppose the vessel itself not worth the trouble to retrieve, does it logical the borg will let it intact? Not initiating self-destruct and let it drift for all race to take advantadge of it?
* It's a 'Fort Knox' handed on silver platter. Voyager only dealing with crippled Borg-vessel manned by 5 adolescent borg. Surely the want to raid it again, it should be a piece of cake for this crew after they encounter on 'Dark Frontier'. Ah.. but Janeway knew that this scene is about humanizing borg-cutie, not getting home as soon as possible, so why bother to even think about it eh..
* How about just shoot to cripple them, beam your crew out of there, raid the tech, get the hell out of thereor take control of that borg vessel altogether, Seven handle the control for a long time without real threat anyway --well, the episodes will cut short to 15 minutes then--

CHEESIE /STUPID SCENE for dramatic purpose that doesn't quite work :
* Is this episodes aired on December? Why those kiddie borg have so many silly lights on the suit. They going for Christmast and making borg-chrismast-tree?
* Kim cant-get-a-lock go silly by act scared, leaving convinient trail for the kiddie borg
* Kim cant-get-a-lock thrown under the rug for not being able dealing with a 5 year old kid. Seriously, he cant overpowered a 5 year old girl by brute force? It's not like the kid holding a weapon!
* Janeway holding the baby as requested by the Doctor. Hey Doc, you can't just scan the baby while still lying in the bio-bed? Whats the need to ask the captain hold for the baby? Aaahh.. for the sake of that supposed dramatic scene Janeway carry the baby while the Doctor give the pathogen to destroy the borg. I laughed out loud seeing this obvious trite/contrived setup!
* Seven got incapacitated by a juvenille only with gentle push? I thought she's a formidable fighter capable of utilizing many martial art (Tsunkatse). Ah yes, that scene is for the benefit of Icheb take standing to the 'One'. Give me a break! HAHAHAH!!
* Four disturbed children? By the end of the scene they much look like obidient children taken from Doc-kid 'Reallife' episodes.

At least on Dark Frontier we got kewl visual effects. Nothing on this episodes.
It dont even quite entertaining, more like a bad dream or jokes that terribly gone wrong!

I give one thing though, it has some continuity, and pre-setup for later episodes.
For that alone I rated 1 star (*)
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Sat, Feb 4, 2017, 7:39am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Virtuoso

Uninteresting and absurd premise, but as usual Picardo deliver a great performance and help the episodes for being a complete dismal.

The idea of Doc face his fair challange to improve himself and facing humanity aspect is already beaten to the death (Darkling, Reallife, Retrospect, Latent Image, Warhead, Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy).
Not to mention we have abundant episodes of Seven dealing with basically the same thing, only with a bit different angle. It's getting old!
The premise of Doc indulging himself and self-absorbed to a 'rockstar', is pale and not interesting (irrelevant as Seven may say) compared to the other episode!, and the plot that deliver the premise is way silly and absurd, alien who never heard a song eh... not even a tone?
Hello... Universe is full of that thing, ever heard of resonance frequency, wind blowing.. etc

There are some good dialogue and moments though. I like the exchange between Doc/Janeway, particularly the way Janeway acknowledge Doc as close to equal being, treat the EMH like an adult and capable crew member, allow him to made important decision for himself.
It's kinda ironic though, because so many times Janeway pose as a motherly figure and treat her human crewmember like kid, which is annoying.

B'ellana exchange is also compelling, she reminds the doctor in subtle way that his skill and achievement is still integral part of technology pieces and can't be seperated just as is. "I can even reprogram you to a whisling teapot, but if I do that, you wont be you anymore.."

Too bad Seven has to suffer by being stupid courtesy of dumbscript. She's not smart enough to aware of humanoid foibles now? Can't have recognized the Komar "fan mail" and go for red alert?
BTW.. Tuvok, anyone can trigger a red alert eh? Well, at least you didn't lose shuttle this episodes!

Overall, the performance of Picardo and some good dialogue prevent this to being complete abysmal.. But it still below average episodes, just barely watchable for me.

2 (**) star
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Fri, Feb 3, 2017, 11:04pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Blink of an Eye

Regarding the race could be the most powerful race and possibly The Q like race in the future. It's interesting comment. I think we will never know it, but it doesn't matter anyway, and probably best left as a mystery.

Maybe they will, maybe not. Having such high rate rotation on the planet should bring some drawback aside from advantadge of high evolution.
* It stand to reason their planet only able to sustain shortlived compared to the rest of galaxy, maybe only for couple of decades/centuries compared to eons/million years.
* There's only so much resource can be taken from a single planet. Eventually to evolve to the next step, they have to expand to other planet/colony for resource at some point. They have to do this within the timeframe before the planet being not self-sustained.
* The such huge time differential could also be a huge hindrance and may well limiting their option in a way of space travel.
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Fri, Feb 3, 2017, 10:42pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Blink of an Eye

Wonderful episodes, a rare gems in voyager!

As Jammers and many pointed out, the premise is possibly based on "TOS-The Wink of an Eye", "VOY-Gravity" and "Dragons Egg" book. Regardless, it still have wonderful scene and stories that I'm willing to overlook that.

The primitive culture scene while it's not standout and serve much on itself, made a great impact for later scene. Such the 'first transmit speech' to contact Voyager and of course the landing of the 2 astronot. Each of previous stage made the landing and main scene of the 2 astronot so much powerful and we can relate to them, knowing voyager has huge effect and impact to their culture. Sure, some of the guest stars could been better.

For once. Paris is spot on in the meeting scene, discussing 'the transmit speech'. Tuvok is offshot and 'illogical' here, a bit of shame for Tuvok character to made silly statement.
The Prime Directive still applies? You're kidding Tuvok? They already know Voyager there then attempting contact, Voyager literally affecting civilization for centuries by causing seismic! Resulting direct interference to their culture. Intentional or not, Voyager already done it, thus break and void the Prime Directive, the only question left is how to minimize further disruption and handle it as best possible way.

It is also nice to see we're not just getting the next 'Hot Headed Unreasonable Alien' of the week as the stories progress. "Any being capable of building that skyship, could destroyed our world long ago".
We got a reasonable development, they are actually trying to contact and ask the skyship "Our ancient mythology describe your arrival centuries ago coincide with seismic, we hope that was never your intention...". That is very inspiring approach.

Attack to the voyager also only being done after they tried investigate on Voyager by sending 2 astronot. From their perspective, the astronot will be considered a lost and failed on their mission after unable to contact or coming back within time expected. With the mission seems failed and Voyager still causing seismic, it is understandable their taking a more cynic and hostile position.

Gotana-Retz back to the planet some 50 years later, so roughly 5 hours of Voyager times, that is also seems reasonable time.
The only think that has major plot hole i think is Gotana spending unnecessary time a little too long on Voyager, and the landing scene back to the planet.
It's ridiculous not to try sent back Gotana as soon as possible in the first time after the proper info and understanding is achieved, or find a way to establish stable communication to the planet, while Voyager crew know they risk an attack and further hostility from the planet.

Further, say it takes 10 minutes for the whole landing sequence starting from preparation to touching ground, that is around 1.5 years the planet time.
With Voyager take pounding from anti-matter missile at 1 hit every week by the time Gotana prepared to land, that will translate to 70-80 more hit. Voyager shouldn't withstand that amoung of pounding with shield already close to fail.
Why not just beam him down? Doctor already knew his physiology well and can provide inoculation to protect him.

Some other minor hole :
- Voyager in geosynchronous orbit. If this the case, that means Voyager is in the same timeframe as the planet in my understanding, Voyager shouldn't in geosync.
- Voyager moving at the same rate relative to other stars, that wouldn't be the case if Voyager is in geosync. Rather... it should be in the same static position relative to the planet while all other stars moving much faster to the planet.
- How is the astronot module can penetrate the shield as if it's non-existance, landed on voyager then proceed conviniently open the hatch to enter?
- Doc having a child? This is major revelation in my book, why there's no further explanation or inquiry toward this? How this is possible? Janeway and the crew just barely acknowledge and seems just brushing it off then entirely forgotten? Why the writer bother doing this if it's not having effect to the episodes or the character in the long term? It only a distraction and waste of time if they dont plan to use it further.

Without the flaw, this one will be perfect.
It still a great episodes and a close to classic, quite close.. but not yet there on my book.
3.5 stars
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Fri, Feb 3, 2017, 6:38pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Fair Haven

Ouch episodes. Here again we have holo episodes, and it's taking for the worse

I won't be suprised if Mulgrew despised this episodes. In fact, I think she should reject the plot of her character fall for hologram!

So here, we have Janeway fall for holo fantasies in a way much worse than Geordie La Forge (fall for Leah Brahms, but manage to avoid attachment, just using for help to resolve problem, and abandon it afterwards), also worse than Barclay (holo-addict, but deep inside know it's not real and never develop a real relationships, just using as a getaway from social-related work problem)

Meanwhile Janeway gone further by having relationships and having problem to detach herself from it, possibly using it as a whore-holo in the process, or at least heavily hinted (Doctor : "Do you have intimate relationship?" Janeway : "That's noe of your bussines"). She knew full-well it's not a real relationships and not healthy right? Awful.. awful episodes

Someone might try to said by using Doctor argument :
"He's as real as I am. Don't matter as long as your feel is real"
Really Doc? If I recall correctly, last time you're trying to be a ships counselor and take a role of psychiatrist it's failed miserably and costing someone life because he's overlook the complexity (Retrospect).
Don't matter? That thing is being confined to the holodeck, can't comprehend outside of holodeck world.. It's far.. far from being a sentient being, and do you think it's okay to develop relationship with it?

While in Doc case thats can be debated for many reasonable reasons. That sullivan-holo is far from it. Is Doc suggesting it's okay develop real-relationship and attachment to it? Suggesting that can produce a healthy 'relationship'.
I agree if the holo-man can be used for some kind of 'pressure relieve', but downright stupid unheatlhy suggesting it can be a real relationship.
Is Doc suggest Janeway take route of being holo-addict? Bravo Doc!
Heck, this will make Barclay case is a healthy and having small social/psyhology problem compared to Janeway if Doc reasoning should be taken!

Prior to this episode, we've established that having attachment to holo environment (holo-dict) is an unhealthy for psychology and prone to social problem (TNG-Hollow Pursuit, TNG-Booby Traps, VOY-Pathfinder).
Turning and let the character into an independent and sentient being is also unwise and out of question, as it can lead to unpredictable/unfathomable consequences, even possibly creating a whole new race (The Killing Game).
So how the hell let relationship to a holo-character is a good and healthy? Where is this reasoning even came from?

While I'm shocked Doc's suggesting continue pursue this unhealthy relationships, I'm flabbergasted Janeway didn't have a word to counter it and follow Doc suggestion to consider it.
Just when you thought Janeway character can not be more ruined, the writers found one eh....

Awful episodes! Half star
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Fri, Feb 3, 2017, 4:19pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Pathfinder

Some mention that The Name-dropping for this promotion episodes is over the top with :
"I've decided to ask Captain Picard for a temporary leave of absence.." CHANGED TO "I'm going to ask Captain Picard for help". :D

Well.. actually i found it an awesome episodes despite the shamefull name-drop

Dwight Schultz made an outstanding performance here.
Barclay is defenitely on his character to do something like this episodes, although it's a bit dissapointment seeing his character still having a problem with reallife social, the premise is well possible, and the reason gave is also reasonable (having a problem sticking to 'new life/work' after leaving Enterprise whom he consider his family).

Troi didn't affect anything major here, but she's helping with overall plot advancement and is used quite well i think.

Commander Harkin character is also potrayed reasonable. He knew Barclay has high technical expertise and hoping he can make good use of that, followed Barclay's suggestions in the past although it's not fruitfull, giving him a leeway on his job, help to move on life by introduce his sister in law.
Ordering Barclay to counsel before allowing back to work is also a reasonable after he found him taking 'holo' things a bit too far and worrying (not to mention overstepped him by taking matters directly to Admiral Paris).

The one thing I found a little odd is by the time Barclay hell-bent to prove he is correct, bypass security on office to use the array then found by Harkin.
The work is already in progress, pretty much nothing to lose for Harkin just to let Barclay do it for a few hours. If anything, this can make Barclay understand that he is in the wrong and doing Harkins a favor by proving it to Barclay and made his point to help him. But of course this is just an excuse for the writer to made the final act and dramatic scene of giving Barclay watch his 'Voyager' get destroyed by 'warp core breach' or he has to stop the program. At the end it leads to a very powerful scene and a real progress to the plot series overall, so I'm willing to overlook that.

There are few plothole as many already pointed. It's fairly a minor one, but still :
- Voyager will not be in projected course courtesy of several jumps after last contact in 'Hunter'
- Apparently all you need to restore deleted password and account is waving a 'toothbrush' in front of panel
- Doctor have to look out for Barclay records to know him? Hello, he is one of your creator along Dr. Zimmerman, Doc should have know Barclay right away on his file.
- Doctor mentioning Barclay medical condition in front Voyager crew? There is a thing called patient-doctor confidential, subroutine malfunctioning Doc?

This is some real progress to overall Voyager premise. I'm really happy with this episodes. I'm not ready to give 4 star on this one, but a 3 or 3.5 stars is a well deserved.

On side note :
Too bad they didn't utilize somekind of plot using Starfleet help to cooperate with Voyager, forcing them together find a way home early for the final episodes. Possibly by using species 8472 as a threat, utilising the freed-Borg from Unimatrix episodes, etc. I think this would make more interesting and reasonable end for the series.

Instead we got spectacular special effects, but a substandard and lame stories of senile admiral altering the timeline for Endgame....
Blatant disrespect of Temporal Prime Directive, risking live of entire quadrant species, changed the power balanced in the galaxy with unknown consequences, and altering the live of so many people (possibly made them die-erased from existance, ask Sabrina Wildman for example). Aaarrggh!!
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Fri, Feb 3, 2017, 1:36pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: The Voyager Conspiracy

Forgot to add. Is Seven also having amnesia so she dont put a shield and Janeway can casually transport to Delta Flyer. All at the sametimes Kim 'Cant-Get-A-Lock' not able to tractor beam, beam seven, etc....

This is a reminiscence of 'Dragon Teeth'. Tuvok can beam to Voyager, while the ships on heavy attack and have the shields up, high radiation and interference everywhere. While on any given casual day, they can't beam/transport with just a little interference or radiation.

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Fri, Feb 3, 2017, 1:30pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: The Voyager Conspiracy

Another ridiculous episode for a number of things.
I'm getting tired of the Seven-stories plot of dealing her humanity. We've already covered much of that with Doc, and now with Seven too on already several episodes.. It gets too much, and on top it of.. the plot is sucks.

While it is understandable Seven going into 'malfunction', it just out of character for Janeway and Chakotay turn into each other only based on Seven rumbling without so much of shred evidence, in fact it was disservice to their charracter.

The only plot device that hold facts and introduce the whole ridiculous premise to make a bit sound is the 'tricobalt weapons', and yet this matter is never resolved (I suspect because the writer don't have idea how to explain that into this whole messed up bad premise, just put it there to make it at least belieavable to the audience and put a little tension for a while, but no idea how to explain that and just to be forgotten at the end)

The end is tiresome scenes too.. I had enough of this "Protective mother" Janeway talk, usually accompanied with "I trust you, and you let me down" thing. One or two episodes will be an okay.. Too many of it, it just downright stupid, overboard, and one may question is she's really a good leader if this things keep happened?
We've got that scenes several times already with Seven, Harry (The Disease), Paris (Thirty Days), B'ellana (Barge of The Dead).
Enough is enough!

Is the writer right on their head? I wonder if this is a real crew they feel appreciated treated like somekind of 'kid'?. They are adult and supposedly a respectable senior officer.
I sure wouldn't appreciate it if my boss not respect my opinion/ability and just casualy dismissive so many times, treat me and my colleague like a kid over and over again! This is a nightmare crew.

1 (*) star for this whole messed episodes, maybe thats still too much.
Half star
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Thu, Feb 2, 2017, 2:09pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Memorial

Agree with @Banjo, @Damien, @Mikey and many others

Halfway through the episodes, the rest of the stories is pretty much settled.
I dont find there's much to see after that.

The end is just blatantly stupid. Janeway agree with Neelix to preserve and strengthen that memorial? Even when you knew it pose dangerous severe trauma to others (PTSD), even may caused someone hurt/die (Neelix fire phaser on crew)?

Yeah.. yeah, they give warning buoy. For all we know, that buoy can be malfunctioning within a week or month, not all allien passing by understand the buoy languange, or something else that could go wrong, etc...

Also, how can they be sure that the 'memory' they received is original?
How can they be sure that it is the original history? History known have a different face, depend on which side telling it.

How if that memory is turn out to be falsify, 'manipulated' and being used for somekind of propaganda.
Memory manipulation that seems real, is hardly the first time anyway, we have it several times (Ex Post Facto, Nemesis, Random Thoughts, and later Workfoce).
If that memorial is a false memory (ask Chakotay), Janeway then guilty of MUCH MUCH MORE then!

Why interfere with other culture/civilitazion that you (barely) know of, that you dont know what the possible consequences might be in future? That you dont even going to visit it again anyway (with no urgent need) and no way knowing what the result may have?

Every now and then Janeway proudly quoting prime directive and high morale, yet also doing the opposite?
The inconsistencies of writing her character is so bad to the point beyond redemption now.
This episode reminds me much of Scorpion I/II when she choose cooperate and gave Borg nanoprobe that has potential to be WMD and wiped entire races 8472.

The best thing to do in here is :
Let it as it be and add warning buoy, add a volountary mechanism, or shut it down. Strenghten it is THE MOST ridiculous.

1 star from me (*)
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