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Clint the Cool Guy
Fri, Nov 9, 2012, 8:56am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S5: Hero Worship

I just watched this episode again. Gave it another chance, but yeah, I agree it is really weak.

One of the biggets fails in it its depiction of 23rd century school life. Star Trek: TNG was always bad about this, but this episode was one of the worst. Here, Timothy's school looks like a damn preschool!

What, is he supposed to be 11 or 12? Should probably be 5th or 6th grade. But the kids here don't do math or science. Instead, they work on "sculpture" (play with building blocks), and gather around to listen to the teacher read them stories, just like circle time.

Later, they even all sit together on bright-colored, preschool-y looking furniture to sing... "Row row row your boat"??? What 12 year old do you know still sings that? What 5 year old for that matter? Maybe they had just watched Star Trek V, and were doing it as a homage to Spock.

Maybe it wasn't a school at all. Maybe it was an insane asylum. That would explain why at the end it looked like Troi and Data were watching the kid through a one-way mirror.

This to me just underscores the biggest failing of TNG, and that is depicting the Enterprise as just a big cruise liner in space. It's the Love Boat, only with aliens. It's fitting that career women should be on the ship. But kids? Give me a break! This was a lame concept from the beginning, and never got better. It worked better for DS9, since it made more sense. Luckily, they learned their lesson and ditched the kids for Voyager! We won't even talk about the series that came after that...
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