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October 27, 2010

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Hello, fans of Jammer's Blog & Reviews. Hopefully there are still some of you left out there. Long hiatuses can be bad for retaining your audience. One can at least partially ascribe the rating woes of Caprica to that reason after a mid-season break of some six-plus months. (Not to mention the very long time between the initial pilot movie's release on DVD to when the series premiered in the first place. Syfy's baffling scheduling of BSG and Caprica prolonged air dates at the expense of rational sense.)

So it was announced today that Caprica has been canceled by Syfy.

Ironically, I had just started to catch up on Caprica last week. Mrs. Jammer and I watched three episodes in one night as part of our process of clearing the DVR of stuff that had piled up in the weeks before and during our wedding and honeymoon (which were both great, by the way). Caprica had followed a Boardwalk Empire marathon.

I had planned to watch yesterday's Caprica tonight (and still might), and I was devising in my head a catch-up plan for the reviews, which were going to employ some serious shortcuts in the interest of getting back up to date quickly.

That all, however, seems to be moot now.

I see little point in reviewing the remaining episodes of a canceled series, especially since the series has been pulled from Syfy's schedule and will not air its remaining season-one episodes until sometime in 2011, assuming they get burned off at all.

I also wasn't sure what exactly those reviews were going to say. Caprica is (well, was) a nice-looking and intriguing series with Big Ideas that was competently acted and produced. But it was also a show that had a lot of plot lines and characters but not a lot of certainty as to which of those plots and characters truly mattered. And, of course, there was something about the show that was so deadly serious and melodramatic without having the sort of immediate emotional and visceral edge that made BSG so great.

I liked how great the constant, ominous, moody rain in "Retribution" looked, for example, but there was absolutely no way I couldn't have started a review of that episode with anything but, "It was a dark and stormy night." Caprica often plays like Sophoclean angst where people's fates are preordained and what's happening on the screen are convoluted morality plays rather than vivid storytelling and characterization.

Anyway, feel free to discuss any and all of Caprica in the commenting space below, as reviews will not likely be forthcoming now that the show is toast.

So what does that mean for Jammer's Blog & Reviews? Well, for one, it finally means that for the first time in a long time, I have no currently-airing series on the books. And thus I've run out of excuses not to turn back to TNG, finally, at long, long last.

I am still settling into my newlywed life and Mrs. Jammer and I are doing a lot of stuff around the house. But I'm guessing that we will get into our new routines fairly soon, and I will be able to gradually work TNG back into my schedule after two and a half years of having it sit on the back burner (actually off the stove completely, to be honest). And, of course, I'll get back into a habit of blogging again, about various television and other topics.

So I'll see you again soon, my faithful readers — those of you still hanging around, that is.

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    The writers of the show needed to be trusted to pull off another great series. Caprica had promise. They needed more time. I don't think you can just add action sequences for the sake of keeping an audience. If the story they were telling didn't call for it, so be it. Syfy pulled the plug on this series in lieu of what? Another lame-ass Stargate series or maybe an epic movie featuring a giant shark/octopus hybrid monster.

    Jammer, I love your reviews and this website.

    I think that Caprica was so far removed (in just about every aspect) from BSG that it was a doomed show from the beginning. In spite of Caprica being a so called "stand alone" series, its core audience (if it was to have any) would be the BSG faithful. As soon as it lost them, the series was doomed.

    I am looking forward to the proposed prequel Blood and Chrome because it seems like it would have much more in common with BSG than Caprica did.

    I am looking forward to your reviews on TNG. Whenever I watch it in syndication and they get to season 5 I am disappointed because I don't get to compare my opinion with yours. It's too bad that DS9 is not on as much!

    Yeah, I was always forgetting that Caprica was even on. In fact I missed the first two weeks altogether. i would have liked to see where it would have went, but alot of times it seemed like the plots were moving at a snails pace. At least with BSG's ovedrall arc, there was something relevent you could clearly peg each episode with, Caprica, not so much.

    And is it any coincidence that "Blood and Chrome"'s initials are the first letters in the two prior Galactica series?

    Lastly, don't worry Jammer, I'll be around for awhile yet, as I'm slowly going through DS9 on DVD (and eventually the other series) when I get the chance. Hopefully my job interview tomorrow'll lead to the ability to buy the seasons at a quicker pace.

    Caprica is to Enterprise as BSG is to Trek.

    A prequel that didn't do what all prequels must do: tell the backstory. Instead, like Enterprise, it got sidetracked rather than focus on what its most important job was. Season 4 of ENT got this back on track, but by then it was too late.

    "Blood and Chrome" is the prequel we all wanted: the First Cylon War, and how it shaped the older BSG characters. I'm glad Caprica is dead, and I hope it burns in Hell!

    I hadn't heard the news. Too bad, I suppose. I disagree with Ryan in that Caprica *was* telling the backstory, just veeeeeery slowly.

    First, congratulations on your wedding. I hope you and your wife have a long, happy marriage.

    I never watched CAPRICA. I don't get cable so my regular TV watching is limited. But having seen the modern BSG on DVD over time last year, I greatly enjoyed reading your reviews on that series. It's too bad CAPRICA has been cancelled because it may have turned into the series the fans wanted. It's hard for me to make such a judgement not having seen a minute of CAPRICA, but I read your reviews anyway so I could at least get an idea as to what it was about.

    I look forward to the rest of your TNG reviews when you get around to them. I'm still a faithful reader of your site. So count me as amont the faithful. :)

    Perhaps you must know thar "blood and Chrome" willnot be a series but just 10 webepisodes with a total duration of 100 minutes. So don't expect a real prequel series.

    Jammer, I think your analysis of Caprica is more or less spot-on. I felt that the show had potential, but it was slow and spread too thin. There were too many characters eating up screen time without providing enough of a payoff to justify their presence. I am sorry that the show will go off the air - I'd like to see what it would have become - but I'm not surprised or upset.

    The prequel announcement doesn't much excite me. The prequel webisodes were interesting, but only from a SFX standpoint - I loved the shots of the Galactica and the Columbia - but I didn't much care about the story or the characters.

    Actually, I'd love to see a PC flight sim a la X-Wing or TIE Fighter based on the first war. That would be a project I could get behind!

    Actually, Karatasiospa, a full pilot has been greenlit.

    Sadly Jammer, I can't think of anything to even suggest for reviews. While there are things on that I watch, none are worth that much effort.

    Yes i just found out about it. But i found it even more difficult to make a prequel anout a period for which we allready know more things than we did for the pre-war period. I really hope that it will be inventive and not just a history lesson or just battles ahd explosions.

    Hey Jammer, congrats on getting married. Don't worry about losing me as a reader, I've been coming to this site off and on since Voyager and will probably keep checking in for updates until the site goes down completely :)

    I actually thought the last two episodes of Caprica were an improvement over what we'd seen before, although I DO agree with your general assessment that the show wasn't quite working.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Blood and Chrome when it airs, not to mention TNG.


    You should write a book. I have no idea what the topic would be. But, you're a good writer and I think you have the chops to write a great book. Maybe use the blog as a way to flesh out the book as you write it.

    You know, if youu really wanted to review something, you could try Futurama. Granted, it's a completely different show than you've reviewed before, being a comedy. I wonder how that'd work out. Additionally, I'm not exactly sure if this comment if supposed to be a joke, of if I'm actually serious.

    and yes, congradulation on your wedding. May it last at least three times as long as this website.

    If you're open to genre mini-series, The Walking Dead might be one to review. Judging on the critical renown of the comic book it's based on and the people working on the series (especially Frank Darabont), it sounds like it might be worthwhile.

    Blood and Chrome will not start before the end of 2011 or, more propably the beginning of 2012. So jammer there is plenty of time for TNG reviews!

    I'm not sad Caprica's cancelled. It started out pretty good, but then became a dull, pretentious series that moved forward too slowly. The producers made too many bad decisions, like waiting a really long time between the pilot and the rest of season 1 and then the long wait for the second half of season 1, as well as changing the showrunner every week. Looking forward to "Blood and Chrome" and the TNG reviews.

    What a bunch of idiocy this show was. Bad, awful managers. Pretty bad writing for the most part. Reasonable acting, especially Stoltz and Alessandra. Too far removed from BSG and too far removed from any drama audience.

    Idiots ran this thing. I don't say 'idiots' lightly.

    They all need to go back to basic business class. Awful, awful AWFUL performance.

    They should have packaged this as a Blu-ray with a final ep to wrap it up instead of this 1.5 crap. The .x model nearly killed BSG, and whoever came up with that idea needs to be fired and in poverty. Morons.

    Let's all be honest, Caprica was not that was a far, far cry from what made BSG an outstanding series. It was, at best, only occasionally entertaining & worth watching. In fact, the ONLY reason I kept up with it was because of it's ties to the BSG universe, which I am literally OBSESSED with. That connection--alone--is what kept me watching. I hope Blood & Chrome will be better.

    You know, I was hoping they'd make a real mindblowingly epic science fiction story out of Caprica and BSG this way:

    We have still have BSG's weird inconsistencies to resolve, like the HeadCharacters, how some humans had visions, what was Starbuck, why Earth 200,000 years ago had continents that looked like now-Earth, why there were Zodiac constellations on Kobol. Technological disparity - like virtuals and intelligent comm papers which would have turned up in the BSG pilot on Caprica or on Pegasus (Yes, I know they've not come up with it at the time, but bear with me.)

    So, I was hoping Caprica would show the Colonial wars, where Cylons are first used and gain sapience, then the Cylon revolt would happen. The twist would be at the end of Caprica, the entire 12 Colonies would be more or less annihilated, but one of the survivors, perhaps Daniel, would fit one of the remaining Battlestar, Galactica, with everyone's resurrected avatars plugged into a virtual module. The Galactica would be sent to look for the 13th colony, Earth, as the survivors on the ship spent decades to create clone bodies so the avatars could someday return to reality in them.

    And it would be revealed to us that the virtual module was running the program that we saw as the 2004 BSG series, which was created from the New Cap City engine. All the inconsistencies were either the program being created like that for some reason or breaking down after running decades too long.

    Then they could follow it up with a third series, where the BSG characters realizing something was wrong with the world, then they are pulled out of virtual and downloaded into new biological bodies on the real Battlestar Galactica. They've arrived at the real Earth. They'd discover who Starbuck really was, and perhaps discovering Daniel still alive still caring for and trying to repair the ailing virtual module.

    And the real Cylons finds them, just as they finds the real Earth.

    To be honest, when "Caprica" started, I couldn't help but think about how much more interested I'd have been in a series called "Kobol." That's a prequel I really would love to see. How'd the original 13 tribes war/get along, get into space, forget all about their origins, etc. Once "BSG" revealed that the actually interesting Cylons - the ones who looked like humans and could think and speak and were more than just toasters - were on Kobol, it made the Cylons that had been invented on Caprica a lot less interesting.

    But "Blood and Chrome" does at least make it seem like they're aware of part of what made "BSG" so compelling that "Caprica" lacked.

    And like the others have said, congratulations on getting married, Jammer!

    Yes Andy i also have the same idea about a series for Kobol!! After all what do we know about what happened in kobol and aabout the exoduw of the 13 tribes? mostly just riddles. But the chanell andd the producers followed a more "play it safe" approach. It;s a pity to ignore the oportunities that gives a universe with 2000 years of history!

    I seem to be the only one not excited in the least for Blood and Chrome.

    The best thing about Caprica was that it had ties to BSG while not being just "BSG the ripoff" which I suspect Blood and Chrome will be. I think we all agree that Caprica did not have the urgency of plot that Battlestar possessed. That aside, I praise the show for its intelligence and refusal to dumb itself down for a broader audience.

    Speaking of dumbing itself down, I think that's what we'll be seeing in Blood and Chrome. Let's look at SyFy's track record.

    Conflicting reports exist. I've heard that neither Ron Moore nor David Eick will be involved, and I've also heard that Eick will be involved. But I always considered Moore to be the heart of the reimagined BSG universe. His lack of involvement is telling. I think that when slow, cerebral, brooding Caprica failed to take hold, SyFy decided to go all-out in the opposite direction. My prediction: Blood and Chrome will be a big, spectacular, and phenomenally dumb show. For some, that spectacle will be enough. And hey, I like space battles, killer robots, and explosions as much as the next scifi fan. But what I love so much about BSG is that it always managed to infuse its spectacle with a lot of drama and complex characterization. With all-robot Cylons, the nuanced villains from BSG will be lost. It will be Adama vs. faceless enemy. Fun in theory, but how long can you really sustain the interest, especially in a prequel? At least Caprica explored some of the origin of the Cylon Centurions monotheism.

    Some people in earlier comments express excitement over getting to see some of the characters from BSG in a younger form. But that's really just Adama. He's in his late-60's/early-70's in BSG. In Caprica, 58 years before the fall of the colonies, he's a pre-teen. To show him as a young man fighting the Cylons in the first war means to cut out basically every other character from BSG due to age limitations. Roslyn might appear as a child, I suppose, but of the major human characters, Adama was by far the oldest.

    Even Tigh (SPOILER ALERT if you haven't watched BSG), the one character of (apparently) similar age, won't be on the scene yet, as the Final Five don't show up until the very end of the Cylon war. In fact, since their arrival precipitates the end of the first war, there's no way any of them could play a role.

    So no, I'm not at all excited about Blood and Chrome. It will be big, bright, loud, and dumb, unless I miss my guess. If it isn't big, bright, and loud enough, and is willing to put some intelligence there instead, then it will get cancelled. Lose-lose if you ask me.

    Caprica was far from perfect, but it was unlike any other show I'd seen, and I enjoyed it a lot. And unless I miss my guess, it was the last "true" installment in this version of the BSG universe. RIP.

    @Andy But I really liked your notion of a series called Kobol, going back to the original human planet. Very cool concept. Pity they didn't give that a try.

    David eick is definetely in B&C, But i share your doubts about this series. I am afraid that syfy will make another mistake. Jammer what's your opinion?


    You're not the only one who is not in the least bit excited about B&C. I actually agree with just about everything you said about it. I will give it a chance, but I'm not hopeful...

    Thanks For Coming Back To Us Mr Jammer And Thanks For Your Wonderful Reviews Im Really Looking Forward To When You Get Round To Reviewing TNG For Us And Good Luck With Mrs Jammer! (We All Need That!).

    Thanks Again From A Grateful Brit!

    Like Matt said, The Walking Dead is definitely worth checking out. And I'm not sure how you feel about the Stargate franchise, but SGU seems to be coming into its own recently. Either way, thanks for all the reviews especially the DS9 ones I'm currently plowing through.

    I think I was enjoying Caprica more than most. It was clearly a flawed creation, but it was an interesting experiment I thought too. It came across to me how they intended, like a family drama with some corporate espionage thrown in that just happened to be in a sci-fi setting, which I thought was great.
    In that last episode, I just started to get a feeling of where this was all going. Also the actor that plays Joseph's brother said the finale had a twist that left him reeling, which is intruging, and there was a flashback episode coming up focusing on the Adamas when they were kids I was looking forward to.
    Oh well. Not super enthused about Blood and Chrome, but will see how it goes.

    I third that comment on The Walking Dead, I was very impressed by the pilot. How have we not had a zombie apocalpyse TV show until now?

    I will always be faithful Jammer! I've enjoyed your single episode reviews of parts of Lost, 24, SVU. Reviews every week are reliable, good for bringing fans back, but the variety of reviewing single episodes of whatever takes your fancy is good too.

    Caprica had TOO MUCH going on at once and honestly, was spastic. You'd get 30 seconds in one scene, quickly cut to another, and then another, all in 1 minute.

    In BSG they wanted me to believe that Joseph Adama is this great lawyer and Caprica he was any thing but. When did he wrote those big books?

    the motives of the STO are never, ever clearly explained. They just blow shit up and are splintered themselves. I guess you're just supposed to pick up on it. probably would have been netter explained later, but we'll have to wait to find out.

    the last few shows however, were extremely well done. it's an utter shame Espenson fucked up the 1st half. She shouldn't work again.

    the soapiness is fine, but there just wasn't much compelling.

    I don't really think they completely thought out the show. did they create Cylons and then Joe Adama writes books, by dictating to the Cylon? dramatic!

    Let's face it, TNG reviews are ooook to read, but nothing like "I'm holding my breath for this as it will be so great to see a completed set of reviews for all Star Trek shows"... take it easy - enjoy life.

    Many congratulations! I will offer a blessing I learned from Robert Heinlein--I have no idea if he made it up or stole it from somewhere, but I've always liked it.

    "May you live as long as you wish, and love as long as you live!"

    And it will be very nice to have some new TNG reviews. Nice juicy long nitpicky ones!

    "So no, I'm not at all excited about Blood and Chrome. It will be big, bright, loud, and dumb, unless I miss my guess."

    I'm sorry, but I really disagree with this. You've got Michael Taylor writing the pilot for one. He wrote some of my favorite episodes of BSG and is in general one of the best writers out there for television.

    And David Eick will definitely be involved. I agree he isn't as important a creative force as RDM (who is unfortunately contracted to another company right now...), but he's not a stupid man.

    Other Battlestar alums that we know have been involved with the pilot include Bradley Thomson and David Weddle.

    To my mind Battlestar worked best when it was a smart contemplative military sci-fi show and that's what Blood and Chrome has the potential to be, especially with the talent behind it.

    Congrats on the wedding, Jammer!

    I do really hope to see you back on the TNG bandwagon! I always recommend your site to Trek fans, and hope that one day it will be a complete record of the series from your always intelligent perspective.

    But as someone said upthread, I also hope you'll take the time to enjoy this new stage of your life! Cheers,

    Congrats on the wedding, Jammer!

    There's always SGU. But then again, if they pull what I think they are going to pull next week I may stop watching that show.

    The last 2 episodes of Caprica that have aired only in Canada have actually been really good. I think you should consider reviewing the back half of the season at some point if this thing ends on a high which it just might.

    I can't speak about Caprica as a series, since I've only seen the pilot on DVD. The rest has not been on tv here yet and probably won't for some time. I can only repeat my initial reservations concerning prequels. Apparently the probleem here is rather how it was handled, but I think prequels simply have an inherent weakness. Prequels are in a sense a proloungued flashback. And flashbacks are interesting up to a point. Interest can't - IMHO - be sustained for a very long time if there is no link with a character in 'present time', i.e. a BSG-character. They tried to do this by introducing the Adama family and the birth of the Cylons, but no, it didn't click with me. Caprica seemed to rely on the core audience from BSG. I think the differences between both series are to big, in style and subject matter.
    BSG had its desparation, its danger, its loneliness, its politics, its confrontation with total annihilation, its darkness on top of the personal issues of the characters. What does Caprica have? Maybe enough on itself, but not enough, (again IMHO) to justify being called a 'true' prequel to BSG.
    It was a nice experiment though and probably a good dramatic series. But I certainly didn't have the reflex: 'I'm going to watch this, because it's going to tell me more about the BSG-universe.' Just as I didn't have that reflex when ST:ENT was announced. Prequels simply don't get my juices pumping.

    Unforunately only prequels are possible in the BSG universe. But if a prequel was about, for example, Kobol 2000 years before BSG ( as others have allready sugested here) then it could work because we know almost nothing, beyond riddles and questions, for this period.

    As someone had mentioned Caprica is indeed still on in Canada. And it's starting to get more unified in where it wants the plot to go. It's really unfortunate that SyFy (bah) decided to cancel it.

    Everyone's thoughts on Caprica, BSG and the new series pretty much entirely reflect my own. Seems odd that isn't enough to maintain a series, even one that was still struggling to find itself, as Caprica so clearly was. I don't have much optimism for Blood and Chrome, for the same reasons as everyone else, but at the same time I was very fond of BSG as a tough, thoughtful space navy show. The Hand of God was to me the quintessential BSG episode (why does everyone say 33?). Blood and Chrome could certainly recapture these elements, but it seems to me like there's very little of the original Cylons to explore. Also, I really, really hate prequels because they make it very hard for a story to develop organically or for me to suspend disbelief that things could really work out one way or another. There's just no dramatic tension. I think Ron Moore did what he seems to have intended to do with the Finale, that is kill the franchise forever. Unless they were to take the universe into our future and have us encountering the descendants of the Centurions and the survivors of the colonies, I can't think of anything else I really want to see in that world.

    As for other stuff on TV to review? Ack. SGU really sucks, imho. Maybe Defying Gravity? I haven't seen but some people tell me it's good.

    Someone watch the new episode of Caprica (False Labor). This show was starting to gel. Frak!!!

    The Heavens Will Rise, another good Caprica episode yesterday, see now I'm getting angrier that they cancelled it, just as it had finally sorted itself out for the most part. And worst of all, I don't get to read Jammer's opinions about it. Maybe the Space Channel up here in Canada will pick it up...doubtful, but fingers crossed.

    This raises something I've noticed in the past before though, nowadays, shows aren't given enough time to figure themselves out. You think Caprica was uneven, shall, need I, point you to the first season of TNG? Do you think that if TNg had gone on the air with todays veiwing audience, that it would have become the success it did, I get the feeling Star Trek would have died right then. (I wouldn't know though, I wasn't even born yet), even Enterprise, Which after two horrible seasons had started to pick itself up could've gone on to be a great show, probably dealing with the Earth/Romulan War, but the 'ratings' weren't there.

    If it weren't for the obsession with ratings, TV would have some truley fantastic shows that could be allowed to be back burner hits before hitting the mainstream. But alas, that's not how the Execs see it, for some reason that defies all known reasoning, they thing a brand new show no one has heard of should be an instant boon tho their viewership numbers, and after a number of weeks when it is determind that it isn't, then they dick with the show, and try to make it look in the end like they were the good guys, putting a flailing drowning animal out of it's misery. Which is how we ended up with brain-nimming reality shows on every channel.

    /Vent. For now.

    TL;DR Caprica yesterday - Good; Mad it's cancelled; Sad I won't see Jammer's opinions on it; Rating numbers suck; TV execs suck and are stupid, In other words, the usual.

    Yes the last three episodes of caprica are really good, the show has found its docus. But syfy didn't gave it the chance

    Jammer, have you ever considered doing a Babylon 5 review? I absolutely love that show and am secretly pining for the day they remaster them with updated special effects and release them on bluray. so why not take a stab at that gem of a show? Another fondly regarded show is Farscape. I would love to hear your take on both these shows. You have a knack for pointing out things I'd thought of, as well as things I'd never considered. Consider them!

    babylon 5 is ok. It so hard to watch that show cause of $2 cameras and the .50c makeup art. UGLY

    review supernatural instead =D

    have you checked out redlettermedia. their star trek / star wars reviews are hilarious.

    I think that jammer has made it clear that he is not interested in reviewing babylon 5. But what about firefly or dollhouse ?

    I'm not really going to miss Caprica. Me and my brother watched the first couple of episodes together, and thought it pretty much sucked, it was a pretty bland opener, and if the show was going to become anything good, I'd probably never rewatch it to find out. Personally, I don't even see why any of it needed to be tied in with BSG, it could've been a fully original IP and could air on the CW or something instead, which is where it seemed like it belonged.

    I haven't seen "Here Be Dragons" yet but the big revelation about Willie Adama (I won't say more than that) seems rather unbelievable.

    As for Babylon 5, I've just started watching it. 'The Gathering' was 'okay'. The first four episodes of the first season were mostly garbage, but now it's starting to pick up, I've seen up to "And the Sky Full of Stars" and now I'm really curious to see what'll happen next. JMS really does hate Star Trek though...

    TNG reviews would be fine by me. During your hiatus, the AV Club has been catching up, now beginning the 4th season. At this rate, they'll beat you to the 5th season by, oh, February.,102/

    Ron Moore was not writing/leading the show and Weddle/thompson were gone.. they gave a buffy writer the show running position.. no wonder it was a mess.

    As for Babylon 5, the show only shines with nostalgia for viewers.. the acting was atrocious, almost every episode was resolved with deus ex machina, and the effrects were cringeworthy.

    Dexter is certainly a show worth reviewing.

    Feel sorry for you guys losing Caprica (even if I watched only about 10 mins of pilot) but I'm not really all surprised. It was such a niche show that i could only imagine two seasons tops. The long drawn out storyline character stuff reminds me of john from cincinatti but that had no payoff whatsoever, and shows today can't bank on a few seasons to deal out storylines. maybe a 10 ep season like bsg season 1 would force them to make the most of what they have.

    B5 to me is in the same vein as TNG as it doesn't need to be completely dark to deal with dark subject matter. And it had some pretty thought provoking storylines and themes that wasn't wrapped up in one episode, shows like 'long twilight struggle' 'severed dreams' 'signs and portents' 'fall of night' 'passing through gethsemane' 'intersections in real time' etc etc etc....

    But hey, definitely onboard for bsg: b & c, but how bout that new BSG new movie by Bryan Singer, eh?!! I'm definitely stoked! Vipers with frickin laser beams!

    Now that the finale has aired, I strongly suggest that when SyFy airs them, you review them. At least maybe a single review for the whole half season. The back half started slow but man, it picked up like crazy. Last 10 mins of last episode was euphoric.

    After having watched all of Caprica to the finale, it seems pretty obvious syfy made the wrong decision. The last episodes were fantastic, and all it took was a little more urgent direction. With all the shooting robots and the fantasy worlds it's hard to imagine that people wouldn't have watched that. It's still ultimately the show runners fault for not beginning the series this way (I guess), but watching it to the end it really came together as a very interesting and original piece of work. I never like prequels, and I wasn't a die-hard fan of Caprica or anything, but the last episodes sold me on the concept. It's really too bad. You'd think the network could at least let the episodes air and just see what happens.

    Yes the final 4 episodes were very good indeed and i think that the show runners have made a creative approach to the "perquel problem" (:prequel problem"= why see a prequel when you allready know how the story ends?).
    I think jammer that when the final episodes will air on january 4th you could make something like a single review or a season recap for the whole season 1.5

    Getting into the discussion pretty late, so I'll simply say that I look forward to those TNG reviews and wish you the best in getting settled in with Mrs. Jammer. I've thanked you in the past, and I continue to visit this site often enough to feel compelled to do so again.

    Thanks for all the fish.

    Jammer you've really gotta get on The Walking Dead. It's one of the best shows on TV.

    If you need a sci-fi connection, the composer for the music in the series is Bear McCreary. There, you have your opening.

    Have at it.

    Have to thank you guys for pointing out The Walking Dead, never heard of it before the mention in the comments section of Jammer's blog site. I'm definitely hooked on it, it's now my all time favorite TV show! There's elements within the show that are reminiscent of BSG...the loss of civialization, the darker side of people when everything goes to *hit, overcoming differences to try and survive, and the survivors traveling together to try and find a new home (all whilst constantly under attack at any minute).

    I love the concept of structure, order and stability suddenly undone and how people have to cope and manage with it. I first I thought it'd be ridiculous seeing Jammer review a TV series about zombies, but now that I've watched the first 5 episodes, it's not a bad idea.

    Oh, and thanks for pointing out 'redlettermedia' for Trek reviews. Anyone who hasn't watched those, stop what you're doing and go to that site and watch the Trek movie reviews. They're absolutely hilarious!

    Stargate Universe is now dead too. I stopped watching that show a while back but generally speaking I've been something of a franchise fan. We're about to see the first time in fourteen years that nothing Stargate is on the air.

    Almost like that eighteen years of Trek.

    I'm afraid that science fiction is not going well on american tv. I would like to hear jammer's opinion about that.

    Just got season 1.5 of Caprica on DVD. This is going to be bittersweet!

    Just noticed this earlier tonight: According to my DVR, Syfy is airing the last five episodes of Caprica on Monday, January 4, from 5-10 p.m. CST. A true dump job, but I guess understandable since the DVDs are now out.

    Now that you have nothing to review, perhaps you can do Star Trek the animated series. I would love to hear your take on it.

    Thanks for the reviews you have done. I had a blast "reading along" while systematically watching Deep Space Nine and BSG on disk. Not to throw cold water on any plans you have, but the AV Club ( is doing a pretty good series of reviews on The Next Generation. They're just about up to season four, I believe.

    CAPRICA...isn't that what you call those anti-spam things on web site forms?

    To the people saying that Babylon 5 was anything less than brilliant...

    The show was produced on a budget that was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than that of Star Trek. They did all their effects with CGI. NO MODELS. Which in it's day was pretty revolutionary. Also they were one of the first shows that did not only story arcs that spanned a few episodes but the whole series. I will say the first season is a little difficult to watch from a visual stand point during some episodes, but it's worth it once you get to season 2 because the story builds from everything you've seen before. Seasons 2, 3, and 4 are just amazing. The thing is that shows creator planned the series out as a 5 year story. Alas, they eventually crammed all the really good stuff from the 5th year into season 4 because they weren't sure they'd get renewed for another season. That's why i think season 5 turned out to be such crap. But if you watch seasons 1-4 I think you will feel a thing or two during that time. And the acting is not crap. The characters are over the top but that is how they are written. Everyone in that show owns their character. G'kar is probably one of the greatest scifi characters ever. His transformation from petty bickering to religious prophet and political leader is so captivating. And the things that the crew goes through leading up to the civil war is just great to watch. I still get goosebumps when I watch the scene of Sheridan's supposedly dead wife approaching him on the balcony with the Shadows flanking her at the end of season 3. But I feel I may have gone off on a tangent. I just believe anyone that gives the show a real chance could ever NOT recommend it to a friend. I've converted a friend or two that were VERY against it because of the visuals in the beginning. At the end they were begging for more. Jammer... this is the kind of show that you would have such a skill at exploring. It's almost a crime to leave it unreviewed. Please thoroughly consider it.

    @Hayesimus, To be fair, I gave B5 a shot after reading your post. I like it, but it's a very flawed show and doesn't hold a candle to DS9. I'd be more sympathetic to arguments that it had a lower budget if the show used the budget more wisely. Ironically, B5's first two seasons had far more special effects shots and battle scenes than DS9's first two seasons. Sometimes quality counts more than quality.

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