Worst. Sportscaster. Ever.

May 8, 2007

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This is surely not new to a lot of people (I first saw it probably a year or so ago), but I still have to post it nonetheless, because it's an example of something that made me laugh for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps one of those reasons is having empathy for someone drowning in a very public way. Or perhaps it's cruelly laughing because, hey, it's not me drowning, it's you.

I felt sorry for this guy, and yet it's funny to watch desperation in such a painfully obvious way. Part of me wants to change the channel out of mercy.

And, of course, the best part is when the poor guy resorts to play-by-play and ultimately the famous "Boom goes the dynamite" — a classic moment that instantly assigns itself quotable status.

Unprepared sports anchors: It do what it do.

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    Poor guy: "...sophomore guard Chris Paul of Wake Forest rebounded out the list."

    either he's not prepared or his promter is spotty in which case most expert people might have trouble.

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