In space, no one can hear you go mad

April 11, 2007

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Those damn crazy Trekkies are at it again, making it harder for us more balanced Trekkies to show our faces.

In a BBC News story posted on YouTube (the video has since been removed), you can see how Tony Alleyne of Leicestershire, England, has, for the last decade, maintained a studio flat that he has gradually turned into a fully functioning "Star Trek" set, complete with voice recognition software and sound and lighting effects.

His friends think he's insane. His response: "You could go spend a lot of time down at the pub or in a nightclub or whatever, drinking. I decided to live in a spaceship."

I suppose substituting the unreality of living in space for the unreality of an alcoholic haze is at the very least better for your health.

This gives a new meaning to the term "bachelor pad." The flat doesn't even have a bedroom. Instead, it has a transporter room. Not that a flat like this needs a bedroom. I can't imagine there would be much, eh, sleeping going on in this apartment. (Oh, snap!)

"I always think bed space is overrated, anyway," says Alleyne.

But you gotta admire the workmanship.

Trekkies: It do what it do.

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    Make it so, man. Talk about "boldly going"...broke,that is. Hmm...should have done a "sickbay" instead of a "transporter" room; then he could have slept in the "bio-bed". Another random thought...remember the "thump-thump-thump" sound of TOS bio-beds? Just imagine what the sound fx would be like if two people were having sex in one... I know, I know--get a life.

    That place has been on the market for years, and he had no offers. Now he has finally sold it for a heck of a lot of cash: £400,000 ish? About $800,000 Not bad.

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