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January 19, 2016

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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" features a lightsaber with a hilt.

A funny thing happened recently. Not long before The Force Awakens came out, my wife and I decided to re-watch all of Star Wars on Blu-ray. Then we went and saw Episode VII in the theater. Not long after that, I was having lunch with a friend and we were talking about all the Star Wars movies, including the most recent.

This particular friend is willing to go in-depth in these sort of geeky film/TV/media conversations whenever we have them (he's a writer and a critic type, like me), so I went into the sort of detail talking about Star Wars that I might not have normally. And as I was sitting there talking, I realized I had most of the thoughts in my head about what I wanted to say about these movies, which I had just watched. All I needed to do was get them down on paper and expand upon them, because I knew they'd make a natural addition to my website. Besides — I love Star Wars.

So I struck while the iron was hot, my thoughts were still clear, and while The Force Awakens was still in theaters and on people's minds — so these reviews could be (gasp!) timely and relevant. My initial plan was to keep it short and sweet, and at first I was successful. But things got longer as I went further, and I finally broke the bank with The Force Awakens. Oh, well. Either way, it also gives all of you a chance to comment on these movies in this particular forum.

You'll notice that I've ordered them according to when they were released, starting with the original trilogy, then the prequels. That's how I watched them, including this most recent time. Why anyone would want to watch them in "chronological" episode-numbered order is beyond me, because the whole point of the prequels is that you already know where they are headed. Anyway, here they are. Enjoy.

Jammer's Reviews: Star Wars, Episodes I-VII

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    On the matter of order of seeing the movies, one should also consider the 'Machete Order':

    Episode IV
    Episode V
    Episode II
    Episode III
    Episode IV (NO Episode I)

    There is merit to this order indeed:

    - You get introduced to the Star Wars world by Episode IV as it was meant to be
    - The revalations of Vader about Luke's fatherhood remains intact
    - The surprise of Yoda acting silly before revealing who he is remains intact
    - Episode II & III are insered as large flashbacks, giving more weight to the final fight of Luke vs Vader in VI
    - You'll recognize the Anakin ghost appearing next to the ghosts of Obi-Wan & Yoda at the end of Episode VI (currently if you see the original trilogy 1st it appears like a random creepy teenager "who the hell's that guy?")
    - No Episode I means no midichlorians, no trade negotiations, no baby Anakin, no virgin birth of Anakin (ough!), minimal Jar Jar, and no loss of any meaningfull plot point whatsoever.

    Jammer must really have a disdain for "Star Trek: Into Darkness"--which is more than understandable--it's a suck film.

    Anyway, this is really cool. It's always great to have new content here on this site.

    @Patrick D, lol, I thought the same thing. Maybe he's saving it for the 50th anniversary. But his silence does speak volumes.

    One idea, Jammer, for those of us waiting on a STID review: just post the number of stars you rate the movie, and then post the full review (or not) later. I have a hunch that that would satisfy much of our curiosity, at a minimum level of work for you.

    As much as you've told us not to do so, and even with as much of a reasoning you've given in this post it's kinda hard *not* to draw conclusions from the fact that you've found the time to review episodes I-VI, and not STID.

    That all said, seeing these reviews is a very pleasant surprise, and I really appreciate the work you've put into this site.


    These reviews are very much appreciated!!

    While I'm an ardent Star Trek fan, I'm also in the group that can't get enough Star Wars! (I think I read somewhere that 65% of Star Trek fans are also into Star Wars, while only less than 20% of Star Wars fans like Classic Star Trek -- go figure!)

    Does this mean there's a chance that reviews of the CGI Animated Clone Wars and/or Star Wars Rebels could appear on this site? In "The Clone Wars" series we get to see Anakin Skywalker as a true hero --- albeit a troubled one at times. And the characters of Count Dooku and General Grevious are fleshed out enough to add weight to their appearances in the movies. In short, "The Clone Wars" really enhances the Episode III viewing experience. (Heck, even "Order 66" makes more sense!)

    In a similar fashion, it's expected that "Star Wars Rebels" will lead into "Rogue One" (the first Star Wars anthology series) and may even provide additional background for the Sequel Trilogy. (For example, the exploration of a Jedi Temple occurs in a first season episode.)

    Anyway, thanks again for the Forceful new content!
    And ... Live Long and Prosper!

    As I have said before regarding STID, the timeline of my posting has little to do with my opinion of the movie and more to do with relevance now that it is so late. I opted to do the Star Wars movies first because I had just watched them all and the movies are on many people's minds right now.

    Eventually (maybe sooner than later since I was able to break a mental logjam with this major content update) I will watch STID again and review it.

    That said, I am not going to release a star rating and spoil my own review. You will just have to wait. :)


    With all due respect, we've been waiting for your rating for almost 3 years. The simple fact that you reviewed Intersteller and now all the Star Wars films does speak volumes on your opinion of ID, or at least that is the perception.

    Glad you decided to review the Star Wars franchise though. Always nice to get new materiel on this site, even if it comes sparingly.

    Interesting. I've never given Star Wars a real chance, it never really appealed to me and I only watched about half an hour of the original film (in school, of all places!).

    Jammer having given these films healthy star ratings makes me wonder if I should check them out.

    Great to see new reviews!

    So, when we see reviews of Babylon 5, Farscape, Firefly, Doctor Who and fan-Trek (New Voyages, Continues, Axanar, Renegades, Farragut, Exeter etc.)? ;)

    Happy New Year!

    Q, not sure if you know this or not but CBS and Paramount have ordered Axanar to cease and desist.

    Alex, not exactly. Yes, Paramount and CBS sued Axanar, but they not send Peters and company cease and desist letter.

    But even if Ares Studios will loss in a court case (that is probable), we still have Prelude to Axanar short movie.

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