Star Wars: The Infographic!

May 31, 2016

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Someone sent me a link to this earlier today.

A few thoughts:

  • (1) Wow. Just wow.
  • (2) By nerds, for nerds. Only.
  • (3) As someone who runs a Star Trek review site — even if I don't spend the kind of time running it as I once did — I am not in a position to question the amount of time (1,000 hours!) spent to create this, even though I really sort of want to.
  • (4) Talk about taking a concept, committing to it, and going as far as you possibly can.
  • (5) One wonders what the creator could possibly get out of this, beyond the just-because of doing a conceptual meta-art piece. Perhaps it's the most long-view-taken hoped-for viral self-marketing campaign ever conceived. After all, I'd have never heard of the guy had he not made this.
  • (6) LOL!

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    Speaking of fan driven things, Jammer have you seen the fanfic documentary Star Trek: Axanar?

    Wow that's impressive! I can't even fathom how long it must have taken to make that.

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