Priceline Negotiator lives!

August 23, 2012

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Seven months after supposedly being killed in a fiery bus explosion, it turns out the Priceline Negotiator lives after all, apparently because Priceline realized that William Shatner was more useful to them alive than dead.

In a new commercial, it turns out the Negotiator has been surfing the waves, having retired from the old life. But now the shadowy hotel-booking outfit is trying to pull him back into his money-saving-message-spreading ways. Will he accept?

I always thought that Priceline's decision to kill the Negotiator, even if price negotiating was no longer to be their business model, was an odd choice. Why not just change what his character does, if negotiating was no longer to be his way? When you have such a recognizable pitchman, what's the advantage of starting over?

Indeed, even after the Negotiator's alleged demise, every Priceline commercial since then has followed the surviving passengers of the bus, as they remember the Negotiator's poor departed soul.

Maybe it was all part of an elaborate narrative hoax, allowing the legend to grow — and now be revealed as STILL ALIVE!

No word yet on whether the Negotiator was beamed out of the bus at the last second, or if he was miraculously rescued by the inexplicable space-time properties of the Nexus.

Hey, Jammer is here to think about these important things. And also to promise you that new TNG reviews will be coming in a few days, or a week at most, and that I should easily be able to wrap up the Summer of Season Six as promised, before summer actually ends. A negotiator wasn't even needed to persuade me.

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    Still remember the Priceline commerical with the Negotiator's evil double, who had a beard. Reference to "Mirror Mirror" much?

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