Enough with this Miley Cyrus bull$#!%

May 5, 2008

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The overexposure is really starting to rankle my ass, and the pop-garbage media, apparently at a loss of things to talk about (but that's why they're pop-garbage), have latched onto the Miley Cyrus flap over her Vanity Fair photo shoot.

To the pop-garbage media: Stop it. Stop it now.

First of all, the whole Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana hype has been too much for me to stomach for a while now. Clearly, she's been groomed and is following the general career template to be the next Britney Spears — although one would hope she has a career and personal life that does not ultimately become the train wreck that Spears has.

But I've simply had enough. Everywhere in the entertainment "news" is Miley freaking Cyrus and whatever mildly naughty thing she may/may not have done. This is less Cyrus' fault than the media being unhealthy about whatever they think we want to see about her.

While she and her parents are responsible for approving the Vanity Fair shoot that has prompted this frenzy and they must shoulder some of the blame, I have to ask what the photographers and magazine editors were thinking. Am I the only one who finds it more than just a little bit unseemly how the media is subtly trying to sexualize this 15-year-old girl for the masses?

From the gossip reports about her maybe-boyfriend(s) and, (sneakily implied) possible sex life, to the Vanity Fair photos themselves, which show her in various states of semi-undress, this whole thing is just shameful. I don't blame Miley Cyrus; I blame an entertainment "news" cycle that knows that sex sells, and is so cynical as to reach down to the age of 15 and lower to deliver the goods. It's not healthy.

But mostly I'm just sick of the hype surrounding this overexposed teenager. Enough is enough. Get out of my fluff news cycle.

And, by the way: I hate that song of hers that they always play on the radio. It's annoying pop garbage. I have nothing against pop garbage per se, but it can't be that annoying if they're going to play it 20 times a day.

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    You're not talking about the same song that is played on Country Radio are you? She did it with her father and they do play it 20 times a day or something. First of all, I'm getting really tired of that song too and what it's doing to the country format, and I'm getting tired of her and what the media is doing to her. It's revolting.

    Yes, I definitely want to read about this over new Battlestar Galactica reviews. Yes sir.

    Greg: The song I'm referring to is actually not the country song. (I generally hate country and don't listen to country stations.) The song in question is a pop-dance sort of thing, and annoying. Fake Name: A brief rant like this that I can rattle off in a few minutes has no bearing on BSG reviews, which require more fact-checking and note-taking and cannot be done as easily on the fly, especially with three episodes' of facts floating around my head. It's a different kind of effort. The BSG reviews will return soon enough.

    To be honest, I prefer the Miley Cyrus coverage to the cable news coverage of Reverend Wright any day.

    Jammer: It's a lot easier if you just change the channel. Really - don't even watch the ads for Entertainment Tonight. If anybody tries to talk to you about celebrity nonsense, just tell them to f*** off. For instance, I'm only peripherally aware of something called Hanna Montana. Who's Miley Cyrus?

    Glad to be Canadian... the only time I ever hear about Miley Cyrus is on the internet.

    PS: Fake Name stop whining this clearly took about 2 minutes to write.

    Well, anything she does is annoying so I definitely agree with you there.

    Aside from the hype, I’m reluctant to let her parents off the hook. Her dad posed in some of those photos. But even before that, she looked kind of like a hooker when she was interviewed by Barbara Walters. I don’t think a 15-year-old girl should be plucking her eyebrows like an older woman. And they already mention an ex-boyfriend! I guess I’m just old-fashioned, but parental guidance, or lack thereof, is the first thing I notice.

    I think the game the media is playing with all these young teenage girls is disgusting. They are all looking for the next trainwreck/ Britney Spears. Whenever one of them is involved in a scandal they accuse them as being on the same path of Britney Spears. I don't mind Miley success.

    Who the hell names their kind 'Miley'? That's what I wanna know.

    Hey Fake Name, Miley is the last Cylon. Feel better?

    hee hee.. you said rankles my ass just like Cavil in "Six of One"... not a very useful comment I know, but funny coz made me think of it.. guess coz Ive never heard that expression b4 the episode. Anyway, I think I understand your frustration being a professional journalist yourself seeing your profession succumb to a lower level of pandering and sensationalism.. and it;s not about being conservative or whatever you think about sexuality in young teenagers/celebrities.. but destroying their lives or objectifying them and using them as propaganda tools

    Wow, I don't follow this sort of news and had honestly never heard of Miley Cyrus at all before today. Thanks for letting us know; now those of us who otherwise might not've can Google for racey pictures of a mid-adolescent! In your shoes, following "entertainment" news, I'd probably get sick of this pretty fast, too.

    Hey "fake name", if you had b@lls you'd post this under your real name. Real life always takes priority over web stuff, especially when one does it for free. So you better feel some gratitude that Jamahl has spend a sizeable amount of his free time to write for us, instead of being with his loved ones :\


    I think the country song that you guys are referring to is "I learned it from you". And yes, its played on the radio all the time along with 7 things. But it really isn't that bad. I'm sure you know how to switch the radio station.

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