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August 18, 2011

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Lest everyone assumes that I've forgotten that this website exists, let me assure you that I have not, so I'll give you a quick update on things.

First, the TNG reviews. Sigh. I'm afraid what I'd hoped would be the Summer of Jammer's Awesome Comeback has quickly slipped away to become the Summer of Lost Opportunities. After roaring through season five of TNG, season six remains on the back burner, and I regret to inform that I watched the first four episodes of season six back in late May, wrote the first review, and then got pulled away. Fast-forward nearly three months, and my grand plan to get TNG done before fall has become a fantasy. I'll get back to it, but inertia has dragged me down yet again, I'm sorry to report.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, a bunch of my websites got hacked. Jammer's Reviews was somehow not one of them, but Jammer's Blog was (all the files were erased and the admin account was hijacked), as was (and I assure you that the Dude did not abide). Fortunately, I always maintain significant backups of everything and was able to fix the damage fairly easily, but it's a reminder that some people out there are jerks who just want to deface your site because they can.

Also, recently, after long deliberation, I finally became a part of the world of Android with a recent phone upgrade that was long overdue. (I was living in the dark ages; as smartphones went, it was the dumbest.) I gotta say the difference is night and day, and I can see where the addiction that is the smartphone comes from.

For a while I contemplated going to the dark side with an iPhone, but in the end I realized that I prefer the flexibility and open source of Android over the Nazi-like control of Steve Jobs and Apple. After getting my HTC Thunderbolt, I am absolutely certain I made the right choice. Great device.

This explains why I've felt compelled to go through and make some adjustments to the mobile sites on Jammer's Reviews & Blog, which have been long overdue. Notably, I've revised the awful main index of the JR home page (it's still not great, but easier to navigate by touch screen), and even more notably, I've added commenting to all the mobile pages of both sites, something that should've been enabled from the get-go. So enjoy that feature, even if I don't yet give you new reviews to comment upon.

While only a complete overhaul of the entire website will truly bring it to where I want it to be (and I don't relish the work required to do that), I've at least made some incremental changes that make some improvements, and there will likely be more.

So that's some of what's going on in my corner that lends insight into my web world. I won't bore you with the rest.

Maybe if I get the chance to blog, I'll talk about stuff on TV I've been watching. Like Louie, which is in the middle of its season now, and is some kinduva uniquely visionary one-man show. Or the final season of Rescue Me, which I approach cautiously, as usual, expecting it to live down to my already-low expectations. Or even True Blood, which I confess to still watching, for some reason. I know it's not good, but I sort of want to see what crazy, goofy thing will happen on it. But I ramble.

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    I'm the first to post to my blog via mobile. Granted, I had an advantage.

    Your intelligent and insightful reviews are always worth the wait. I wish you the best in all you do! (P.S.--can we get a star ratings of "Relics" at least?)

    With respect, TNG s 6 & 7 roundly kicks the ass of ANY season of Voyager or Enterprise. Any season that produces episodes like "Chain of Command" and "All Good Things..." is worth reviewing and re-watching.

    Still a huge step back from 4th and late 5th season. The last two years had some of the most howlingly bad Trek episodes ever.

    Agree about the 7th. Disagree about the 6th.

    I really liked Chain of Command (particularly part 2), Tapestry, Starship Mine, Lessons, Second Chances.

    I didn't know your wife's name was Inertia. I'll look forward to the reviews when you get to them. :-)

    Hey Jammer, what about Game of Thrones? or The Walking Dead? Breaking Bad? Those are fantastic shows.

    I do watch "Game of Thrones." Very good show, worthy of the HBO quality badge, as opposed to "True Blood," which is worthy of the Syfy quality badge.

    I missed the boat on "Breaking Bad." Wish I watched it but I don't. It's one of those shows I make sure to read nothing about in the hopes that maybe I'll go back and watch the whole thing on DVD someday.


    Don't forget season 6's "Frame of Mind"--an episode that would've made Alfred Hitchcock proud!

    Been enjoying your reviews ever since I found the DS9 reviews while watching through that show. Now I'm going through TNG from the beginning. If you ever feel up to the redesign work, I'd love to have each review (even as short as they are) on its own page so we get a comments section for each episode rather than the entire season (like you did for the latest season you reviewed). I look forward to more TNG reviews whenever they come!

    Yeah, I've got all kinds of site redesign ideas, including putting all the TNG reviews on their own pages like you've mentioned. The problem is the time. With the sheer volume of content that needs to be moved around -- and the way it's currently set up -- it is a huge project.

    Jammer, if you do separate pages per episode, will they have notable quotes?
    If so, my recommendation for "True Q" would be:

    "I remember your 'superior morality' when we first encountered you. You put us on trial for the crimes of humanity!"

    "The jury's still out on that, Picard. Make no mistake."

    I thought that was brilliantly serendipitous how that throw-away line tied into the final episode.

    I have to say, the mobile version of the site is great. I've been using it to read reviews after watching episodes of TNG without needing to get off the coach to go to my computer. ;-) Great work!

    I stopped doing pullquotes preceding the reviews in the BSG era. You'll note there were none on TNG season 5.

    Very glad to hear the mobile site is useful. Now that I've got a good smartphone I find I use it a lot myself.

    For the record, I think we'll take 4 reviews rather than none for now.

    I just read it. There is a seriouw possibility jammer that Blood and Chrome will not be even a tv movie/pilot and that it will be demoted to a web mini series. I really don;t understand what these people in syfy are thinking.

    It's ok, I understand. Real Life takes precedent. I had hoped to see your TNG reviews, but it's understandable why you can't. On a side note, do you plan to review Transformers 3 like you did Transformers 2? Or did you even see it?

    I did not see Transformers 3. Sort of wanted to, but didn't get around to it. I'll have to wait for Blu-ray to see downtown Chicago get destroyed.

    Hey, glad to see you still kicking around. I've been cherry picking my way through TNG since they put it up on Netflix. Probably make my way over to Voyager next, but I really wish they'd put DS9 up.

    Just curious since you're watching Game of Thrones, have you read the books? They're worth the time investment and are MUCH more nuanced than the show (which I do enjoy...).

    I honestly think six is probably the best season of TNG. Three is close, but six is BY FAR the most consistent season they had and has some of my favorite standalones as well.

    Comparing Apple's control of their own software to Nazism is probably the dumbest thing you've ever written on the Internet. What were you thinking??

    The first time I visited your web-site was December 1996 - I visited weekly during Deep Space Nine's original run. This is the first time I have been here in more than a decade. As I recall, you were a university student at the time - and now you are a big-shot with a wife and a job. No easy feat in this day and age. Well Done.

    Have you ever considered writing an article on how you feel the Treks have aged over the years. I would be interested in your perspective on that.

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