Jon Gruden: Praise-meister

November 9, 2009

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Is it just me, or does former Tampa Bay head coach and current Monday Night Football color commentator Jon Gruden think everyone is the most awesome player ever?

I think we need to institute:

The Jon Gruden Scale

1 star. — One heckuva football player

2 stars. — Outstanding football player

3 stars. — Spectacular football player

4 stars. — Words cannot describe this football player

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    No soccer here. Sorry. Soccer is boring. I don't usually play the part of the ugly American, but I will in terms of soccer. The fact that the whole world loves soccer except for the United States is, in this case, a matter of the whole world being wrong.

    Bbbut, your lot are actually getting quite good at it. My Brother has even left these fair shores to teach you all how to play it even better.

    David Beckham is not my brother. ;o)

    Oh and it's actually football, you play it with your feet.

    For some reason, his repeated use of the term "muddle huddle" last night had me flashing back to the tweedle beetle fights from "Fox in Socks" "And when they battle using paddles in a huddle..."

    Also choice was his lengthy explanation of Santanio Holmes sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber. He launched into the whole story and then paused briefly at the end to ask... "So what is a hyperbaric chamber anyway?"

    And I thought I'd miss John Madden.


    Followedup up 1 play later by the first of his many INTS last night.

    ^ In fairness to Gruden, it was actually Ron Jaworski who said that.

    I'm an American, but soccer is much more exciting than the horror that is Major League Baseball. Baseball strategy must all be done while the ball is NOT in play. At least soccer is fluid and continuously in motion. Sure the scoring in soccer leaves something to be desired, but once you can see the strategy being played, it is fun.

    For me both soccer and baseball are the epitome of boredom, especially when it comes to scoring in soccer. Without goals, the game quickly dials down to boring.

    Basketball is a lot more dynamic and interesting visually. Tennis isn't bad to watch either.

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