From IDWID to IDWID: No hard feelings?

April 11, 2007

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When I registered and back in October, it literally was for the reason: "Because I can." That and it only cost $9 per domain. You can see the whole story in the IDWID history.

I just did a Google search on "IDWID," and much to my surprise, I see that there's a consulting firm called IDWID Consulting that has the domain name If they've been around, why would they have registered a .org instead of a .com?

Unless they just recently registered and ... I beat them to the punch!

A look at the whois records shows that was created on January 4, 2007. If that's true, then this poor firm got unlucky in registering by only three months. According to the "about" page, the owner has been doing consulting for 20 years.

To IDWID Consulting: Sorry 'bout that. No hard feelings?

Oh, well. Domain registration: It do what it do.

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    Similar thing happened to me with sector0. When I went to register, .com was taken, but .net and .org weren't so I grabbed em both. I would occasionally check on .com but eventually gave up because the owner kept renewing. When I thought about it sometime later, it was available so I completed my collection. Some time later I get an offer to buy .com. Not sure if he was the previous owner, but he balked at my asking price, which was already discounted below appraised value. Guess he missed out. Did you just start this blog? First post was Apr 7. Are we the only two posting here?

    I said I was going to wait until after the gym to answer this, but I guess I lied. I just started the blog. It was sitting as an unused domain since October with just an info page. Right now very few people know about it, but I'm probably going to announce it to the users of Jammer's Reviews within the next week (once I have a few more posts), so that should help increase the viewership and participation.

    Count me in on the "early adopters" that have been assimilated from I'm glad to get a chance to read more of your work (I know--I should get a life, huh?) Hey--a (minor) bone to pick with you, Jammer. though. I sent you $5.00 through PayPal once, just as a "thank you" for your great reviews. Ya coulda said "thanks", maybe! I got over it, I'm sure you're pleased to know (snicker).

    re: donations. If readership is as wide as I think it is, Jammer likely got tons of donations. It's difficult to thank everyone individually when dealing with such volume. I've donated to other popular websites, none of which have thanked me. I suppose I take comfort that the sites are still operating and improving, hoping my donation helped in some way.

    I issued a public thank-you on my site once the donations were done. I didn't thank everyone personally because that would've taken a lot of time of me simply copying and pasting a form letter, which I didn't think would be all that satisfying. But regardless, your contributions were much appreciated. I also received kind words in the e-mails, which were equally appreciated.

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