Favre: So I was wrong

October 22, 2009

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I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong. And clearly I was wrong when I suggested that Brett Favre should've remain retired.

I mean, did you see that Monday night game with Favre versus the Packers?

Not only did Aaron Rodgers get massively owned by the Vikings' hellacious defensive line, but Brett Favre looked awfully, awfully sharp.

And the Vikings, at 6-0, have what appears to be a complete football team. Looking awfully scary to the Bears fan that I am.

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    Yes, I have been very impressed with Favre. My only concern is if his body still has the stamina to last the whole season, but so far he looks great and the Vikings have quite the team this year.

    I'll reiterate what I posted previously, in a slightly different way. He loves football, and will be lost without it. He will play football until he can't raise his arm. It will be only his body betraying him that will stop him.

    Go Brett--you're a superstar!

    And to all my fellow old people--take inspiration!

    I used to love Farve, but the soap opera he caused Green Bay to become was sickning, and now I am just over him. And I am not a Packers fan - I am a die-hard Giants fan - but the whole "will he? won't he?" just turned me off. It is nice he is playing well, but for me the spell has been broken for several years.

    ^ That's sort of where I was when I wrote the previous blog post saying he should just retire already. But that's the thing about the game. It should be about what happens on the field, not off it, and Favre's success with the Vikings (so far) has been something to behold; certainly enough for me to forgive and forget the soap opera from before the season began.

    It helps that he made fun of himself and his flip flopping in that commercial (best buy? panasonic? something like that).

    I don't know. I'm looking at the teams the Vikings have played so far and am not as impressed as others. The Browns? The Rams? The Lions? Not exactly top tier.

    I guess the Ravens win was solid, but a late field goal against a team that's been in a slide?

    The Vikes have a pretty easy schedule this year, and they probably have a decent shot at the playoffs. But they will get wiped out if they make it. Also, remember that last season, the Jets looked great for the first half, and then...

    I have always felt Favre was overrated -- a good QB, yes, but not nearly as great as so many others think he is -- so that colors my view. I'm not a Green Bay fan, but I really hope they give the Vikings a pasting at home.

    What about " The Plan" jammer? it is aalready released in blue ray and today will be released in dvd.

    The thing that amazes me about Brett Favre - besides the fact how good his clutch throws are, is how durable his body is...never getting seriously hurt.

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