'Caprica' premieres tonight. Are you in or out?

January 22, 2010

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The Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica debuts tonight at 9/8c on Syfy.

Tonight's two-hour pilot movie is what was released on DVD last April. Many of you have undoubtedly seen it. I saw it back then, but have not yet gotten around to reviewing it. Look for that next week (now that I'm facing a deadline).

For those who have not seen the Caprica pilot, and might have been on the fence as to whether you were going to give Caprica a try, perhaps I can give you a nudge in the right direction:

Watch it. It's very good.

You don't have to have seen BSG to watch Caprica, and Caprica will not spoil BSG if you still haven't watched all those episodes. It's a completely different show, from top to bottom, with a different tone and feel. And yet it clearly exists within the same universe, with some similar themes.

I will have more to say about Caprica next week. For now, I just wanted to say: If you're on board, great. If not, you can still get on board before the ship sails. And now you can do it for free (assuming you have cable), without buying the DVD. So add it to your weekly DVR recording queue.

Note: Please do not write spoilers of the Caprica pilot in the comments of this post. Thank you.

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    Haven't seen it yet, but will definitely watch. Every review I've read has good things to say about it, alleviating my fears of it being a corny soap opera. I still have my doubts as to whether it'll make for a good weekly series, but I'll give it a fair shake.

    Not going to spoil anything, but I didn't think that the pilot was very good, but I did think it was very promising,k and I'm easily planning on watching the series.

    So other than TNG, Caprica is your next reviewing project, or are you just doing the pilot episode.

    As for the pilot, it's been On Demand for a while now and the episode actually airs tonight. Still don't know if I want to see it but we'll see what happens.

    I thought it was good as well and I have high hopes for the show.

    I'm all in and will give it the ol' college try.

    I'm in, but I don't actually get the channel it airs on here in Canada, so, I'll have to watch it on the stations website, and there is the fact that next week is the Dollhouse Series finale. At the same time.

    Oddly enough, the first important Dollhouse episode aired the same day and time as the BSG finale. Go figure. (For those that don't know, Dollhouse is Tahmoh Penikett's [Helo] show after BSG.)

    I'm in!

    Unless it starts to suck. Then I'm out. My admiration for BSG does not commit me to watch all of Caprica if it turns sucky.

    The previews have not intrigued me--except I like Eric Stoltz. Resurrecting dead daughters? Yuck.

    But since you give it a thumbs up, I'll try it.

    yeah, but I think the whole dead daughters/ avatars thing is how you get into the skin job-Cylons in BSG.

    Are there pod casts for the series? I haven't been able to find them, but I'm a bit of a luddite.

    I really want to watch this, but I don't know when it premieres in the UK. If anyone has info that would really help.

    Didn't Jammer ask for there NOT to be any spoilers in the comments?

    I plan to give the show a shot. I thought the pilot was hit or miss at times, but it looks like the show could be very enjoyable.

    All I can say is Bear McCreary is a genius. His music cues tied into BSG beautifully. At the end, when the Adama theme hits, I almost lost it.

    Its definitely a different best. Will be hoping that it will make it through the whole arc but this is SciFi so it'll stick around forever. Want to see Cyclon War 1 unfold.

    ^ I really want to, as well. but I keep wondering about the timeline between BSG and Caprica.

    I hope the show delves into the culture of the 12 colonies and life in a society where intrastellar spaceflight is common.

    I loved the review for the pilot, so I'm pretty excited to see what you'll have to say for the first episode. I really enjoyed the show, but it seems as though some of what I enjoyed most was the subtle Battlestar Galactica references, which a non-BSG-fan watching Caprica wouldn't notice. It makes me wonder whether there would be enough other stuff to keep them interested in the show. I hope so... It's just hard to shake the feeling that this show might be one of those awesome things that I watch until it reaches some super epic climax and then gets cancelled.
    @grumpy_otter; I would not rely on the previews if I were you. So far they've been at a point of being "so bad they're funny" thanks to the ridiculously stereotypical announcer man and the merging of every screaming scene there is into 30 seconds.
    @Jason; Totally with you there. :D

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