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June 26, 2007

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I can't stand the Bob & Tom radio show. If my radio happens to be on in the morning to a station that's airing Bob & Tom, I am forced after about 30 seconds to change the station.

I write this as someone who knows basically nothing about Bob & Tom, their gags, their recurring jokes and/or guests, or what they have to say about anything. I don't know what they say or do, because I can't stand listening to them for more than 30 seconds.

I'm sure there are defenders of Bob & Tom out there. There must be some reason they have an audience. Maybe I'll even hear from some of them. But all I have to say about Bob & Tom is that because of that incessant ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha false laugher, they are utterly unbearable. If you listen to them for 10 seconds, either Bob will laugh at Tom, Tom will laugh at Bob, one of them will laugh at himself, or one of them will laugh at their guest. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-*SMACK*. Shut the fuck UP.

I don't buy it for a second. It's all phony. They can't possibly be really laughing that much. It's all forced for our benefit.

Laugh tracks have a long history, most specifically on sitcoms. If you stop and think about a laugh track, it's absurd: You're watching a show where they're trying to sell to you, via psychology, that something is funny, even if it's not. (See, everyone else is laughing! You should be too!)

With Bob & Tom, the audience isn't laughing; the performers are. All artifice is obvious, and it becomes insulting to your intelligence. Here are two guys laughing at everything that is said, as if it's the funniest thing ever! And not only is it insulting to my intelligence, it's just plain annoying. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Here are two guys who won't shut up about how funny they are. Frankly, in real life, I find it suspicious when someone laughs at everything. I identify them as suck-ups, stupid, phony, or all of the above.

Because not everything is even close to that funny. Hell, barely 10 percent of it is.

How is it that the audience of this inane radio show hasn't risen up and revolted against this blatantly stupid laughter that is attempting to con them into thinking Bob & Tom are funny? How does this show have any audience at all?

Maybe it's the content. Maybe it really is funny. I seriously doubt it. But I'll never stick around long enough to find out, because I'd be forced to kill myself.

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    Oh man, I *loathe* Bob and Tom, for similar reasons. I've never actually heard the radio show (even 30 seconds of it), thankfully. But I have been forwarded (via email) enough clips to the show's actual content to develop a thorough hatred for it. Most of what I've heard seems to involve some sort of current event put to a catchy jingle. I'd go and search for an example, but then I'd have to listen to some of it again, which I don't want to do. Blech.

    I got a kick out of this.

    Dead-on rant, as usual, Jamal. Preach on! I once found The Jerky Boys funny, and I've tried to come to terms with this. I think it was the freedom of college and no parental supervision. This was the same period where I realized I could eat as many Corn Nuts as I wanted and never get grounded. I think this explains Bob & Tom. Except, for some reason, some people never stop liking unlimited Corn Nuts.

    I used to like Bob and Tom, when I was in high school. I also liked crappy movies back then. I'm sure if I heard their show now, I would have the same reaction as you. Perhaps their audience is made up of 15-year-old boys?

    I agree. Just how funny is a song about being drunk written 10 years ago and repeated 50 times? I live in Indianapolis where they broadcast from and find it interesting that I don't see one bumbersticker or billboard anymore advertising their show. I think they just keep syndicating into new markets to keep their ratings up until people catch on that they truely do suck!!

    I can not stand the Bob and Tom show either. There laugh is percing and makes me want to turn them off with in 5 seconds. I am glad to see there are other people with simliar oppions.

    I'm sorry, but I can't stand you bashing a couple of comedic geniuses like Bob and Tom. I love their irreverent humor and their take on the daily news. The humor may be sophomoric, but that is what makes the show worthwhile. It's certainly better than Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, and those other morning radio shows. If any of you were regular listeners, then you would know that they are not sycophants; they will criticize each other and their guests if they aren't funny. And by the way, I'm sure all of you are funny and that's why you have a nationally syndicated radio show...wait, you dont!!!!

    Daniel, I'm sorry, Dude, but Bob and Tom are brutal. I'm embarrassed for the human race that a show like theirs even exists.

    Bob and Tom just suck. thats all their is to it. I used to listen to this other radio show in Omaha called "Todd-n-Tyler" back in Middle and High School. TnT have a way better show than BnT. Of course Im not in the TnT listening area and I just got satellite radio and I now listen to Howard Stern. In other words Bob and Tom is a fake show with lame jokes and fake pre-recorded laughs, and they pretty much stink up the air waves.

    I don't know what to say, man... I'm disturbed that even one person on this entire planet might like Bob and Tom. How can it be? Everything they say is astoundingly obvious, transparent, safe, bland, unprovoking, unilluminating, tedious... I never post to forums, I never chat. I almost never listen to Bob and Tom. I had it on yesterday for 2 minutes maybe. That was enough. I went online and Googled "Bob and Tom suck" in the hopes of finding kindred spirits, something I never do. That's how much they suck.

    Three words.......Mancow's Morning Madhouse on various TRN stations. BOB & TOM SUCK!!

    I had just started listening to them and we starting to think, this might be decent humor at non one's expense. Well, I was wrong. They made some really insensitive ( actually stupid and ignorant are the right words ) comments about the Indian gods recently. Thanks for clarifying Bob and Tom, You are lowlife scum like some other comedians who like a laugh at someone's expense always. Sorry, I thought you were smarter than that.

    I have been forced to listen to Bob and Tom for some time--I have a co-worker who listens to it on his computer all the time. I can honestly say that it is a radio show that truly caters to the low sperm count population of this country! They are honestly not funny, their jokes are stupid and you're right-the stupid laugh track is the killer--it seriously wants me to tear my skin off of my arm! Does anyone else know any anti Bob and Tom sites on the Internet? I'd love to see them!

    Well, I should have figured a bunch of Liberal panty-wastes would come on a blog and piss and moan about how they don't like Bob and Tom Humor. These guys are funny, and they have the millions of listeners and their very successful Comedy tour on Comedy Central to prove it. Just because you morons don't get it, doesn't mean it isn't funny. I thought gay loving liberals were supposed to be tolerant? And to Newlistner, stop crying about someone making fun of a false indian god. They are just jokes for crying out loud. If you can't take some criticism, you are just as useless as your other sissy liberal friends on this board. Grow a pair and stop crying about everything. You people are the ones that nobody can stand, I'm sure 99% of the people you run into on a daily basis feel the same way about you that you feel about Bob and Tom....we can't STAND you!

    Eventually I'm going to write about how sick I am that everything -- EVERYTHING -- in this country is inevitably reduced to goddamned partisan politics. What the fuck does hating Bob & Tom have to do with being a liberal? I hate them because they annoy me, not because I'm a liberal. I don't even know what their politics ARE. And frankly don't care.

    "panty-wastes"? Please. Give me a break, Matt. I could care less about Bob and Tom's politics. They just ain't funny. And they ain't offensive or edgy. They play it very safe. They're insecure, unoriginal, transparent, tedious, just brutal. Have some imagination, Matt. Don't always gravitate toward those who never challenge your opinions on anything. Grow some, whould'a.

    I have listened to Bob and Tom for about 6 years now. I will agree that Bob and Tom Are not funny. I will agree that they do seem to laugh to much, especially at each others jokes. It is unfortunate that they have been around for as long as they have because they have delevoped a since of arrogance that gets played through to the guest comedians. Many times they steal the punchline. I have also noticed that they do tend to suck up to may of the non comsdian guests. It get real old real quick. The other thing that I don't like is that they are always bashing on check (this is pretty well played out now) and they seem to repeat some of the same comedians who are funny, but not funny enough to be on the show every week. Now, why do I listen? Mainly for the comedians. Some are good some are bad. I find it to be a good way to determine if I want to go see someone at the comedy club or not. Another reason, is that sometimes they do come up with a skit or a song (usually low brow) that truly is funny. I know these are not the best reasons for listening, but I don't mind. To the person who likes Mancow. A few years ago I would have agreed that he was the one to listen to. Now he is down two to sidekicks that are boring, and all he seems to do is rant and filp flop between people and music he likes or doesn't like. It is getting stale, kinda like BnT.

    I, like Alex, went searching for people who hate Bob and Tom as much as I do. I LOATHE Donny Baker. Tom "in any event" Griswold makes me want to retch. What an arrogant assbag! They are not funny, only incredibly annoying. The forced laughter, overplaying of bits that are not funny, and their constant talk of how hot Christie is show how pathetic they are. Have you ever SEEN Christie? Not my definition of hot. Chick is okay, he just needs to seperate himself from the other three losers. Bob, Tom, and Christie need to work in fast food where their talents would be more well placed.

    We get bob & tom here in Ok. on 107.7 krxo. This is a "classic rock" station. That means they play Lynard Skynard "Mr. Saturday night", "Sweet Home Alabama", and Aerosmith "Dude Looks Like a Lady" 24/7. Thats the whole playlist. Well, its not THAT bad, but you get the idea. bob and/or tom suck. They suck just as bad here as anywhere else. As a matter of fact, I hate any morning radio shows, I just want to listen to music. And a good variety of music too. I've stopped listening to the radio almost completely and take along my own music, or just listen to the car sounds. Much better.

    After having just had the unpleasant experience of hering Bob and Tom's All-Nighter on The Brew 97.3, you can count me as one of the newest members of the "We Hate Bob and Tom" Club. I hope there are plenty mof other regular listeners of The Brew who is just as every bit pissed off as I am. I mean, I tune in to hear ROCK AND ROLL!! Not that "comedy" garbage. I'm not that big of a fan of Lynch and Meyer either - but, at least, those guys play ROCK AND ROLL!!

    One of the interesting things I find about the show is that they have this retards that call in and request for them to play some recording that they made years ago. The first few times I heard this, I thought, "wow, if someone is actually requesting this, I must be in for a treat!" This could not be further from the truth. It's almost always some recording of their "orchestra" of knuckle-draggers about some mundane activity like smoking or sometimes it's a phony ad about tape for waxing your nuts. I think in 2008, most people are aware that men have testicles and that testicles are funny... until you're about 16 years old and discover that people who talk about testicles all the time have single-digit IQs. I used to live in LA where I had a choice between Kevin and Bean or Mark and Brian and while neither were perfect, I could at least enjoy them moderately for the duration of my 40 minute commute. These days, my commute is 10 minutes, and if I've made the mistake of leaving on the station that plays B&T, I'm about ready to throw myself in front of a bus by the time I get out of the car. All I can think is, "jesus fucking christ, who decided to syndicate these two fuckwits?" The fact that they have to laugh at themselves is bad enough, but they've got these obnoxious horse laughs that just make it painful to deal with. The saddest part is that for awhile, I thought maybe I wasn't getting the jokes. Maybe the problem was me. Then one day I decided to stand up for myself when I remembered that I'm a person of above average intelligence, and realized that the problem is that Bob and Tom aren't funny. Now, I am back in control of my life.

    One thing I forgot to add: Christie is useless. She doesn't tell jokes. When B&T try to make fun of her, it isn't funny either. I've heard other morning shows with Christie-equivalents, but the catch is that they're hot. At least this allows desperate men some sort of satisfaction to hear a good-looking woman's voice being directed toward them. Christie has no personality, has an annoying voice, and to top it off, she's ugly. Why the FUCK does this woman get to be on the radio for 5 hours everyday? Five points to anyone who can explain this.

    Bob & Tom are the worst morning show i've heard since lynch & mier started on the brew in milwaukee. How the hell did they get a tv show. When more people see them and hear how much they suck, their career's are over. Thank god. Listen to Bob & Brian's morning show or their free podcast's. (I'm not affiliated) I can't even get them on the radio because off bob & tom. I'm in central Wi. now.

    Bob n Tom suck they have to bring other ppl in the show to make it funny n that person usually sucks. Free Beer n Hot Wings is were its at. check them out at

    Thanks so much! I don't get Bob and Tom. That laugh track is soooo annoying. Who laughs that much at everything?

    oops! 4hour suck fest. Bob and tom are not funny. I would have to drop 130 IQ point's to think there funny. And i did stop listening. I had to see the tv show to see which idiot is worse. They suck how did they stay on the air so long. Listen to bob and brian if you want to here a good morning show.

    Thank you for this forum! Count me as another one who can't stand Bob and Tom. A few years ago I really tried to listen to them, but found very, very little if anything on the show funny. And that forced laughter made me want to pull my hair out! Now we have the unfortunate chance to actually *watch* them be unfunny on WGN. Joy! Bob and Tom suck. Bob and Tom are unfunny. The Bob and Tom show is awful. Please help make the show go away!!

    BOB & TOM SUCK yes their constant laughing at themselves and each other is very annoying. Christie is a pinched up catholic PRUDE who has no business on the radio... I got no problem with chick except that he associates himself with these "elitist, gated community shitbags". Occasionally they have someone funny on their show by accident but most of their guests would not have a career without B&T... Emo phillips for example. This show is aimed at hillbilly morons "happy with the status quo" type strohs drinking lets not examine ourselves too closely type people. Everything other people in the world hate about Americans. B&T are there to reinforce it.

    To goodtaste: REALLY appreciate that so many people are smart and deep enough to realize the moronic nature of Bob and Tom, but...sweetie, if you're going to insult someone's intelligence, at least use correct grammar. Please look up the definition of "here" and "hear" as well as "their", "there", and "they're". :)

    Would someone PLEASE tell me why Donnie Baker is on the show? I can't stand the guy. Most annoying person EVER. Makes me not tune into the show anymore.

    Donnie Baker..the character, is a pathetic attempt at being the new Larry the Cable Guy. Off the cuff remarks designed to shock and a gimmicky catch phrase. The difference is that Larry comes across as a gentle idiot and Donnie is a disruptive smartass.

    I don't like the show at all. It's boring, the jokes aren't funny, and the guests are all lame. The entire show is lame. It's just a bunch of old farts sitting around and trying to be funny but failing miserably.

    Wow, so much hate from BOTH sides. As with anything at all, Bob & Tom isn't for everyone. They do have a particular humor that not everyone has the capacity to appreciate, but I feel that each member of the team brings something different to the table. Remember, it is not just bob and Tom, there is also Kristi and Chick as well as many guests and program personalities. Their guests range from famous music artists to unknown authors. They had the young boy who just wrote a book on the show the other day (via telephone). A lot of their humor is crude, but most people now-a-days would not find it to be offensive, albeit immature.

    To one says: I did that for effect just to show i would have to be almost dead to listen to them.

    @Good Taste: Doubt it... what does ignorance have to do with being almost dead?

    I would like to get organized and get the info on how to rid my local station of this program. I work in a large building with all kinds of people. We usually have 5 different stations blasting away at all times. The tweekers listen to a really bad station KRRO . The bosnians listen to Mix , The farmers listen to country, the nerds listen to lite FM. I wear earplugs even though Im not using tools. Bob and tom is on real loud in the paint area because the painters are so drunk and high they dont want anything that makes sense. The people that run this Hell live in Florida and are too busy buying boobs for their girls. I make huge money working in this joke on a salary, and have an escape plan, I want Bob and this miserable Tom with the crappy whisky voiced Christy lee to stop stoopifying America.

    I would like to be my areas person to go to to rid this area of Bob and whatever. They are demeaning our way of life and we need to Pull the Plug. If any one wants to help lets bring it on .

    This is a challenge, anyone working for the miserable lame show called Bob and shithead or whatever you lame ass monkeys call your selves call me on my phone and tell me why anyone would subscribe to such a wore out bunch of sophomoric childish humor by people in their late 50s ,behind the shed type humor should be on the air. call 605 929 5121. Hell, let Bob and moron Tom call me on the air . Im forced to listen to the show by a complete moron company whose mentality needs these morons to keep all the work release criminals in humor. thanks for nothing ,you people create nothing, you reap nothing you are a waste of electricity.

    Bob and Tom SUCK!!!! They never put on any good talent, just a bunch of no namers. I hate that fake laugh they all have...that laugh is just dubbed over...i can actually hear it repeating and then stop suddenly.?

    What really pisses me off...XM radio took off the Alex Bennit show and put Buttplug and Turdsmell on.

    Oh ya....and they never have real callers call in, just some stupid guy who changes his voice every time. It's probley that Chick guy. What a dumb name for a dude....Chick....what a Ferry!!

    I am seriosly asking, anyone how I can rid our local station of carrying such a mindless bunch of garbage. I think it is the manager and djs dont get there until that magic time of 9 am when the garbage stops. It is incredible, americans all should be up at arms against this. They are demeaning us all.You hear on there they are world wide, thats scary, they need the plug pulled. yes I love freedom of speech but I didnt realize there were so many idiots that would allow the stupifying of our counrty.They are a wast of electricity.

    Hey now Jamahl! I agree with you 100%. I'd rather listen to three hours of Jim Kryshak commercials. These clowns are so unfunny.

    They sucked in Indy and still suck. Were is Superjock Larry Lujack when we need him.

    I play a game in the mornings. I have a 10 minute commute to work. I have never been able to not violently change stations within 2-3 minutes. Jesus H. Christ they are awful! I lived in Indy in the 80's
    and the only good thing was no chick assbag and A local newswoman had christies job (she was hot!) God please get rid of this putrid collection of aholes! I actually listen to NPR! God have mercy on my soul!

    If you don't like it, then don't listen. Why insult the people on the show or who listen to it.

    i fucking hate bob and tom and the mousy little bitch and the news guy on their radio show.

    i live in south carolina and don't have a whole lot of choices. i keep thinking 'maybe it won't be terrible this morning' but i'm always proved wrong.

    I HAVE AN EXAMPLE: this morning of april 18, 2012 i tuned in. christy lee was talking about someone juggling balls. AT THIS POINT i told myself if they made a testicle reference i would stab myself in the fucking leg with a pen. they did. YOU'RE NOT FUCKING FUNNY BOB AND TOM. KILL YOURSELVES

    Alex - such maturity. Based on your post, I guess you are not able to articulate a reasonable response. I hope you did not get ink posioning from you stab wound. But I guess you are as full of shit as your post. If you dont like the show then why keep listening, you did state you have CHOICES or would you rather play the little drama queen and whine.

    Not much I cansay that hasn't already been said, but that laughing, ugh
    Is it fucking annoying. All 4 of them, just talentless. However,
    There are tons of middle America NASCAR watching stroud drinkers
    Who will keep giving them an audience. Btw, Long liveOpie and Anthony!

    I wish Bob would shoot Tom,then put the gun in his own mouth,then fake laugh while pulling the trigger!

    Their show has got to be one of the most annoying radio shows on, besides fat ass Limbaugh. The forced laughter is grating and the crap they spew is just that. It AINT funny

    Can't STAND 'em ! It truly amazes me how these buffoons manage to maintain any ratings at all ! ! They really should be ashamed and humiliated of themselves. Do they not listen to the competition? The only ones that suck more than BnT are the asshole station managers who let these two on their airwaves!

    If you missed today's Bob and Tom show it went a little something like this....

    "we have Chick McGee at the Bob and Tom sports desk. We have Kristi Lee at the Bob and Tom news desk. We have Chick McGee at the Bob and Tom sports desk. We have Kristi Lee at the Bob and Tom news desk. *Insert phony laughter here*. We have Chick McGee at the Bob and Tom sports desk. We have Kristi Lee at the Bob and Tom news desk. *Insert phony laughter here*. We have Chick McGee at the Bob and Tom sports desk. We have Kristi Lee at the Bob and Tom news desk. *Insert phony laughter here*."

    They absolutely suck!

    I love that enough people are searching for "Bob and Tom not funny" that the negative feedback on this post spans 5 years! I occasionally listened to the show when I was having too good a morning and need to be a bit more depressed. Nothing sends me into a rage quite like Tom Griswold's attempt at humor. Or understanding modern society. Or letting anyone else get a word in when he has something asinine he wants to say. I haven't listened to the show in about 4 years, but I tuned in the other day and I didn't miss a thing. Same tired jokes. Same unfunny "characters". Same "uh-huhs" and "oh yeah?" from Bob while a comedian does a bit from their stand-up routine. In a perfect world Christie Lee would get so sick of Tom cutting her off while she reads the news that she'd lose it and beat him unconscious with a microphone. They are awful. Damn that rant felt nice!

    I'm glad someone else agrees. It's not so much that the jokes are terrible - some are, but it's impossible to be funny all the time. But that fake laughter just GRATES.

    I am forced to listen to these idiotic shit bags and their morning dirty talk every morning in my carpool. Moronic Hee Haw jokes, stupid "call ins". The only people who laugh at these douche bags are themselves. "Blah blah penis - hahahah, blah blah cameltoe - hahaha" it enough to make me want to quit the carpool and drive myself. At least I have XM.

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    Ever noticed that EVERY interview starts with: "Do you have any tatoos? Or, do you enjoy the reefer?"
    The day I almost got sick in my car.......Christie was talking about her dog eating a tampon and it was USED!!! Barf

    what really pisses me off about these two idiots is that they keep insisting that those two urban legends about danny Thomas and chuck Connors are true when they're not! I wish marlo Thomas and the chuck Connors estate would seek legal action against these two boring, over the hill scumbags!

    I agree that the humor is very low brow. Interesting that the few people who posted that they like the show can barely read and write. So many mistakes in their writing that a 3rd grader would be ashamed. It is definitely an issue of intelligence. Some of us just don't find bathroom humor funny anymore. Have often thought that I'd have loved this show back when I was about 10 years old.

    The worst part though, as so many others have stated is the forced laughter. I can take a laugh track too, that's not it at all. The issue is whether something is funny or not it is accompanied by what I can only describe as "cackling."

    So to my fellow non-idiots, I feel your pain. Then again, if this show was geared to the thinking population, it would be a very small demographic, so not surprising really that this show has found an audience. Most Americans are now behaving like assholes, so how can they not like a show geared to them?

    Yeah, I want to shove a pencil in my ear every-time I used to hear that shitty show.

    Can't even enjoy a song by Tim Wilson without them cackling, and laughing over every single little joke in his songs he plays. It's downright shitty. Shittier than a gay mans dick in a gay pride parade in fact.

    A family member used to occasionally listen to these two every now and then. The show IMO is not funny and their NON STOP LAUGHTER AT EVERYTHING was the final straw. Its way too forced and it never stops. The Free Beer and Hotwings Morning Show is the ONLY morning show i choose to listen to because they are my type of comedy. Different strokes for different folks, Im just expressing my honest opinion.

    It sounds like a prolonged torturous laugh from The Count of Sesame Street. 1... Ah ah ah ah... 2 ah ah ah ah.... Except three people all doing it at the same time. way more annoying.
    Please put me out of my misery.

    To all you bob and Tom haters out there, until you do the things for people as they have you can shove your negative comments up your asses. Seems like most of you haven't even taken the time to listen to them. Oh and until you make 14 million dollars a year as Tom Griswold and donate to many charities as he does you can go fuck yourself.

    Just caught this on the radio. I had to hit the scan button when that laugh track just kept going. The last straw was when the skit was ending and the laugh track was still going while Bob/Tom starting talking over their own laugh...

    My favorite local rock station 105.9 KZZK the griz just started airing the bob and Tom show today. Usually from 6-9am they had their own morning show with Quad (who I really enjoyed) and he would go over the news and play music. I can tell you that I already miss it! Ive never been able to stand bob and Tom but decided on the way to work to listen in. My morning commute is roughly 40mins and for 40mins I never once laughed or even cracked a smile. I did however try to count how many times they laughed and lost count within the first 5 mins. I then decided to google "how do Bob and Tom laugh so much" and stumbled across these post. Glad to see in not alone. If they would laugh at what's actually funny I could probably force myself to listen 40mins a day. But literally within 2mins of listening to their fake ha ha ha laughter I want to jerk the wheel into an oncoming speeding tractor trailer. Here sums up the 40mins I listened to this morning. "Christmas time is around ha ha ha the corner ha ha ha my favorite color is green ha ha he said green ha ha now a Christmas jingle song inserted - all I want for Christmas is cash cash cash ha ha ha ha ha fucking ha ha. I couldn't even understand the words in the song because they laughed so loud and for the entire length of the song. How can a person laugh that much? Now I'm forced to find a new channel for my morning commute. I would rather listen to 40 minutes of driving on the rumble strip the whole way to work then listen to another single minute of bob and Tom!

    I placed Bob and Tom on a device originally used to modify the fall-back time changes on clocks in October. for daylight Savings It is now used to automatically change the radio station from 105.3 "The Bear" to John Tesh radio, the Gregorian chant channel, the Roy Masters-blow-rainbows-and-unicorn-turds-into-a-ray-of-sunshine show or ANYTHING, and I repeat ANYTHING besides these two bumbling, morosely inane and painfully annoying blow-hard wannabe stand-up comics who couldn't pull a good joke or funny line out of a Leslie Neilson movie. I call the device the RETARD-O-METER. After the 3 hours of fatuous, canned-laughter laden, moronically inspired poopy-pants dill wads rambling on about snot, or gay movies, or how fat J-Lo's butt looked last automatically goes back to 105.3, and hopefully some music, which is the primary reason I tune it there to begin with. These bozo's gotta go somewhere besides a rock-and-roll station. They don't fit. If they don't fit, you must just quit.

    Man I hate to bag on white guys trying to make it in the entertainment business but these guys are terrible. They replaced John Boy & Billy on 104.1 in North Florida and for the life of me I can not see why. I myself prefer music nine times out of ten in the morning but would occasionally listen to John Boy & Billy. I've tried to give these guys a chance but I can not find a single thing they are saying to be amusing much less funny. I'm glad that the market has not be saturated with Steve Harvey and the likes.... but there has to be better options.

    Im glad to announce that WGLF 104.1 cut bob and tom to go back to music. Bob and tom only stayed here for a quick minute. They are completely unlistenable.

    I can't stand the character Donnie baker. That character should have burned out long ago. Always the same stupid ol stuff from Donnie. He's dumber than owl shit. I swear to god he is!

    Hello Everyone!

    I have not listened to Bob and Tom for a few years now, because I'm just out of range of the Indy station and there is no local station that carries them. I'd started listening to them back in '91 or so, when they arrived in the market I lived in. Perhaps I still like them so much (when I happen to be closer to Indy) because I've just heard them for so long, I know the people and the characters. I've heard the jokes and sometimes I know when they are making a comment about something that happened to them long, long ago.

    Yep, sometimes the humor is lowbrow. I figure they are great 75% of the time, and 25% of the time I wish they hadn't said that.

    Also, they normally have great guests, and sometimes ask them good questions that others don't think to ask (not just about reefer. I never heard them ask the astronaut that, but Joe Walsh, yes they did. Depends on the person).

    I'd recommend them to nearly anyone, but with the caveat that they need more than a few hearings to 'get' them. Heck, even my Mother likes them sometimes, and she's 72 now.

    Different strokes and all that. Enjoy the ones you like, and so will I.

    Have a great day... RT

    You nailed it. Unfortunately Waterloo Iowa has only two rock stations and the one that plays (gag) Bob and Tom plays canned rock that has be played over and over again. The reason they chose these two pathetic idiots is beyond me. There laugh will make you punch an infant. They have the sense of humor of a pre adolescent kid. It is insulting to listen to them. If you really want humor in the morning, listen to KUPD's Homberg sickness in Phoenix. There humor is adult and will leave you in stitches to the point of a sore stomach. Good stuff.

    The worst part about Bob and Tom and that numb nut Chick is that they are so boring. All they talk about it is the damn NFL even when it's not even football season. Hey Magoo, their are other sports to talk about. Another thing, nothing is more boring than listening to people talk about their kids and getting their guests to talk about their kids. They all talk like they belong to some exclusive club or something and that these potty stories are all interesting. No they are not! Save them for your families. Talk about funny interesting stories and leave the diaper talk at home.

    Years ago they actually had some amusing comedy bits, but it gradually devolved into Tom obsessively asking his guests about their hair, or making yet another ass or fecal joke...that is when he wasn't busy interrupting Chick or Kristy. I can't say for sure if Tom is really an asshole or if he just plays one on the radio. I suspect the former

    I think you were right the first time Woodie. Tom is really an asshole. If I hear him talk about his damn daughter Finn one more time I think I'm gonna hurl and mail the contents to the Bob and Tom Show. Leave the potty stories at home you boring old farts!

    First of all Bob and Tom aren't comedians, they're crappy radio hosts who envision themselves as comedians. When funny guests come on and are considerably more funny than they are, you'll hear one of them shift the topic/tempo to a crappy lead that murders the mood. Nothing worse than two unfunny people trying to chime in with someone who's naturally funny.
    Here's how that goes:
    - Comedian being hilarious talking about driving skills, bantering back and forth, legitimately being funny, he's on a role and you can tell he's going somewhere with all the little driving Jokes, leading up to a big finish,.. BUT too much attention being diverted from the stars, so you'll see:
    BorT - "Well yeah driving is crazy... so what about tattoos do you have any what are your thoughts on that."
    The other BorT - "Well, you could have a tattoo of crotchless panties and then,.. crotchless panties, the *guffaw*, the tatoo would *heh* just look like you're wearing them, but with a tattoo.
    Comedian, who's just been derailed, "Uh yeah tattoo,.."

    Their laughter is absolutely 100% forced, you can see it in the videos (the earlier the more obvious it was as people brought it to their attention) laughing like maniacs with dead facial expressions because it was just theater. This is especially obvious when it's a musical guest, or a "call in". Inevitably when thee's not a comedian/musician there willing to push back a little and take the drivers seat, they will talk about the most insipid, mind-numbingly boring, mundane, shit, and laugh the whole time. This is one of the reasons stupid people like B&T b/c it gives them queues when to laugh, they don't have to "figure out the joke" everything is given to them in pablum form, they just laugh along and feel like one of the simple minded little group. Bob and Tom's "Type" of humor is what I would expect someone who doesn't have a sense of humor of their own, or who doesn't actually understand humor to glom onto. Their "Comedy" isn't designed to be funny or insightful, it's 100% designed for stupid people to be able to parrot at work the next day. Their Schtick is completely formulaic, and if you've heard one show, (minus the guests) you've heard them all. Their "Bits" are all complete tripe, run way too long and get replayed ad nauseum.
    Those self produced "skits" are complete drivel. The *only* thing they have going for them is a great recording studio and budget, so their crap content sounds like it was professionally made and produced.

    Their success? That's a simple thing to ID. They appeal to simple minded less educated listeners, and they provide water cooler fodder for people who don't learn anything on their own. There's ZERO shortage of those type of people in the US, so celebrity will always be theirs for the taking. I find that there's a particular person who "absolutely loves" Bob and Tom, and by correlation or coincidence, I've never found that type of person to be especially smart, or valuable to society as a whole. I hate to jump right to Hitler, but If given the opportunity to go back in time and either kill Hitler as a baby, or Bob and Tom as babies,... I'd have to kill B&T. Killing Hitler could easily cause someone far worse to rise to power, but removing B&T could only make the world a better place for music, comedy, radio, mankind.

    @ Justin
    Your post REALLY helps prove what I was saying about the kind of person who loves Bob and Tom.
    Also, at no point in human history has "Popular" ever been synonymous with "Good". People get rich all the time from the worst products/services imaginable.
    I mean,.. Kanye West is a rich celebrity fer fucks sake, how much more of an example do you need to prove that being popular and rich doesn't mean you're good at anything.

    @ Justin
    I guess you like boring repetitive stories about their kids and changing diapers, and forced asinine laughter. What ever turns you on Justine! Bite me asshole!

    Stumbled onto this by accident, but damn that laughter. I only hear them once in a very blue moon but the laughter stays with me long after and gives me the creeps. It's scary.

    Yes Kelly, those too. These bozos sound like women in a factory break room comparing smells.

    I wish these old pissers would work some new guests into the rotation once in a while. It's always the same ones, that Costopilis or whatever the fuck this douchebag's name is, Tim Dick Tebow, and that disgusting sow Ms. Fat! Another thing, whenever a funny song is being played, these morons have to keep laughing constantly is if their being gassed! I don't know why Kristi Lee came back. Those jerks still keep cutting in on her with their lame jokes when she's trying to read a news story. And finally, Chuck Mcgoo's yelling in the backround like an idiot makes me want to go on a shooting spree. Their obsession with talking about kids is a complete snore fest. The only thing that keeps me listening is Donnie Baker. I swear to God it is.

    Hey Cheesebutt. Donnie Baker is the only funny member of this tired old show. Grow a little humor Cheesedick!

    Ever notice during all that moronic fake laughing you can still hear Bob laughing even though he left almost a year ago? They must be pushing some laugh track button. I like to laugh as much as the next two guys but unless I'm on nitrous their is no way everything is that funny. They laugh like mental patients at everything. That Chick Mcgay gets of my nerves with his yelling in the back round. And most of all that damn Griswold's obsession with talking about all his kids is about as exciting as whale shit. No matter what the topic is he has to maneuver the conversion around so he can tell everyone for the 5 billionth time he has kids. Enough already.

    You might not like them. But people do. Bob has a net worth of 15 million. Tom gets paid 4 million a year and is also worth 15 million. I would take 4 million a year to laugh all day every day.

    Always were always will be. I'm sure they appeal to all the asholes who still like the same shitty music that's been spoon fed to them over and over again by corporate radio too.

    The only thing that Ii ever heard on there that remotely laughable and it really isn't even funny either is the Cap'n Dilldo song but hell it's stupid as fuck too.

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