What the %$#@ is a 'Bee Movie TV Junior'?

October 27, 2007

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NBC, in its infinite wisdom, made some sort of marketing pact with Jerry Seinfeld and Dreamworks Animation to promote their upcoming "Bee Movie." The promotion has turned into a series of lame sketches that are shown during "The Office" and other NBC series. This is marketing whorism at its most basic, but I simply have a question:

What the %$#@ is a "Bee Movie TV Junior"? Who came up with the concept, let alone the name?

And why, why, why?

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    Probably the same person who made all the worker bees in the film male.

    I heard the movie sucks all kind of suck. Why do all computer animated movies have to be about humanized animals? Madagascar, Over the Hedge, Happy Feet, Bugs Life, Antz, Ice Age, Ice Age 2, Finding Nemo, Chicken Little, Flushed Away, Open Season, Ratatouille, Shark Tale. I think the concept has been done before.

    Ratatouille rocked and was one of the best movies of the year. why complain for the sake of complaining? keep focused on crap, without crpping on the good stuff

    "Why do all computer animated movies have to be about humanized animals" check out stuff like Aesop's fables and old history epics, we have been doing anthropomorphism since history was recorded... computer animation is the newest form for deliving these tales. and yes, i am sick of advertising for Bee movie, it only makes the movie look bad (try to hype it when you know you laid a turd)

    I agree that Ratatouille was a great movie. Finding Nemo was very good as well. The point was not whether each individual movie listed was good or bad. The point is that computer animation is capable of so much, that you are really just limited by your imagination in terms of what you can do. Not all of the current crop of CGI movies have been based on anthropomorphism and, not coincidentally, most of those have been better movies than the ones listed above (with some definite exceptions, just as I feel Ratatouille and Finding Nemo were exceptions). But hey, if you want to get in line for Madagascar 2 and Ice Age 3, by all means. They're clearly just a continuation of the tradition established by Aesop's fables.

    be careful what you wish for, Hollywood just may give it to you :P

    Bee Movie was NOT a good movie , I watched it with my kid cousins and even they said it sucked. We were bored out of our skulls and sorry but we didn't find the jokes funny at all. The only amusement I got out of the movie was how weirded out my cousins were over the blooming love between the bee and the human leads.

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