Wow, and you thought I was anti-iPhone

July 24, 2007

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I just read the most vitriolic and hilarious anti-iPhone post that's probably possible. Read it here.

APPLE FANS NEED NOT APPLY, for the same reason they need not bother reading Maddox's previous anti-Apple post. You will probably not find it funny because you love Apple so much and don't feel a need to see it denigrated. (For the same reasons that I find the writing of "Microsoft" as "Micro$oft" to be more annoying than funny — because I am somewhat of a Microsoft partisan, for whatever reason.)

Which makes me wonder, in addition to politics, aren't we as a society so overly and pointlessly partisan over the silliest of things? I mean, PC vs. Mac wars to the point that we have flame wars in Internet chat rooms? Isn't it just goofy? What is it about so many things that we feel a need to pick sides?

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    Nice 'article' he wrote. I wish I'd stuck with Nokia, as my last two phones have been invented by Satan to drive the righteous insane. Or something. I too dislike the "Micro$oft" moniker. It implies that people are saying (In your best Valley-girl voice): "Oh my God! Like Microsoft are like TOTALLY in it for the money! Like all they care about is like money! You know?!? Like TOTALLY" on their iPhone while guzzling down their 32nd Starbucks coffee of the day. As we all know, only Micro$oft care about money. No other company in the world cares about money. That is why the iPhone is so cheap, and why the PS3 is so cheap, and why Apple give away Macs on street corners to whomever wants them: "Why of course you can have 7 free Macs little boy!!! After all, no one else wants them" Companies care about making money. That is why they are a company and not a charity. Not a single company in the world gives a fig about their customers. The only thing any company cares about is the dollar pound yen euro franc camel chicken (insert currency here).

    That article made my day. I am normally neutral on the Apple/PC debate only because I have an iPod, but use a PC and am unlikely to switch over just because of a marketing campaign. I actually think that John Hodgman is way funnier than Justin Long, who is a bit of a douche in those ads. Not that Microsoft doesn't create programs with tons of bugs in it, but since I must use a PC for work, and I'm not a programmer who needs whatever special powers Macs claim to have, I will stick with my PC and use a regular cell phone. I'm practically a Luddite.

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