Hey, Promo Guy: You're Fired

By Jamahl Epsicokhan

March 4, 2003

Have you heard? There's this show that airs Thursdays on NBC (Wednesdays too, for crying out loud), and at the end of it, Donald Trump says, "You're fired."

You haven't heard? Well, then, where the hell have you been? Certainly not watching NBC, which airs a promo featuring an utterance of the words "you're fired" every other tenth of a millisecond.

The show is called The Apprentice, but I think NBC was just plain stupid not to go ahead and name it what they obviously wish they would've named it: You're Fired.

"Be there, for the BEST ... BOARD ROOM ... YET!" announce the NBC promos. "And who will be the one to hear these two words?"

[Cut to the same stock shot of Trump that they use every week even though it isn't the actual shot of him saying Those Two Words in the upcoming episode.]

"You're fired."

Guess what: WE GET IT ALREADY. Trump is a badass, and he fires somebody at the end of the show every week. Whoop-de-freaking-do.

NBC, for the past two months, has tried, tried, tried, tried, tried to obviously make "you're fired" into some sort of Seinfeld-like national catchphrase, as if people are going to be at the water coolers at work with their co-workers, saying "you're fired" with a laugh and a nudge.

I have a better idea for NBC: Shut up.

The promos are typical. They show the usual Reality TV Drama, reveal what a pain in the ass Omarosa is, and how it's going to be All-Out War between her and Heidi, and then cut to the board room. But does EVERY SINGLE ONE have to end with Trump saying, "You're fired"? Using the same stock shot week after week? Can't the promo guy stop himself from editing this clip into the trailer?

Please. Get over it. Someone is freaking fired. Big deal.

I'm already picturing the promos for Apprentice 2. They'll probably still be using the same clip from Apprentice 1.

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Howard Goldman
Mon, Mar 30, 2015, 4:58pm (UTC -5)
Add to the hate list SyFy, which runs promos for upcoming shows EVERY SINGLE FREAKING COMMERCIAL BREAK. And chopping up the show currently being being aired to make more time for the upcoming promos. I love the original Twilight Zone, but can't watch any of the SyFy marathons because I know how badly huge chunks of the show are being cut out to make room for more commercials. KNOCK IT OFF!!

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