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  • 1/24/1995. Trek's Musical Problems — Music on Star Trek in the mid-1990s was too muted for my tastes. Here's some venting on the subject. (Originally posted on rec.arts.startrek.current)
  • 12/23/1996. Viacom's Web Assault — One of my early rants about copyright issues, when Viacom was shutting down certain fan site. They never shut me down, though. So HA!
  • 2/3/1997. Clarity Needed in Viacom-Induced Web Mess — A followup post to "Viacom's Web Assault." Like with the FCC, it would be nice to know ahead of time what's permissible and what's not, but what ya gonna do?
  • 12/8/1997. Four Series and the Trek Ideology — An in-depth look at the Star Trek ideals and success as conceived through four different Star Trek series. Warning: Written for a general non-Trek audience.
  • 2/21/1999. A Tribute to Gene Siskel (1946-1999) — Remembering a man who, along with the indispensible Roger Ebert, helped bring film criticism to the mainstream of America.
  • 8/10/1999. The Franchise's Future — My segment of a multi-writer series, with some thoughts on what lies ahead in Trek's future. (Originally published at
  • 3/7/2000. Five Years on the Web — Five years, and we're still here. Take a look at some of this site's backstory. And to think I'll have to write something like this every five years.
  • 4/26/2000. Jammer Goes to L.A. — A report on my trip to Los Angeles to pitch a few story ideas to Star Trek: Voyager. Spoiler: I didn't sell any stories, but I did make L.A. my bitch.
  • 9/14/2001. On A Tragic Tuesday Morning — Today, we mourn. Some thoughts in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
  • 10/14/2002. At Death's Door — It's dying, and there's nothing I can do. Can it be saved? Or is it destined for the trash bin? What will I ever do? Ah, melodrama.
  • 1/8/2004. Return of the AnyKey — Or "At Death's Door, Part II" You just can't keep a good Gateway 2000 keyboard down. Especially when they're built like tanks.
  • 2/20/2004. Confessions of a Closet Trekkie — Jammer has issues, man. Serious issues. And he cops to everything in this epic exclusive expose. Documents situations ranging from movie theaters to Super Bowls to Italian fast-food restaurants.
  • 1/3/2005. Wake Me Up, Scotty — I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. To be honest, I'm not sure where we are. Somewhere between insomnia and madness. Like Ed Norton in Fight Club.
  • 3/22/2005. One Decade and Counting — We've been here for 10 years, believe it or not. Damn, I'm getting old. I promise not to be sentimental about turning 10.
  • 4/25/2006. We've Moved and Stuff — Star Trek: Hypertext is no more. And this time, it's not April Fool's Day. New name, new server, new independence.

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