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Star Trek: The Original Series

"Wink of an Eye"


Air date: 11/29/1968
Teleplay by Arthur Heinemann
Story by Lee Cronin
Directed by Jud Taylor

Review by Jamahl Epsicokhan

Responding to a distress call from the Scalosians, the Enterprise landing party beams down to a planet to find ... nothing. Or apparently nothing. When one of Kirk's men vanishes in front of McCoy's eyes, a search for the mystery's solution becomes the new focus of the mission. Kirk suddenly finds himself pulled into another dimension of existence, where the Scalosians exist in a hyper-accelerated pace, faster than any human being can see. Deela (Kathie Brown), the leader of the remaining dying Scalosians, needs Kirk and his crew's men to repopulate a world that has sterile men.

"Wink of an Eye" has an interest-piquing concept involving the perspective of a race who lives in this accelerated state; the Enterprise crew appears frozen from their perspective. Unfortunately, this episode suffers from a crucial flaw in logic: the fact that the action of two extremely different rates of time are allowed in story terms to unfold alongside each other at the same rate. Spock is able to discover what has happened (in a nice scene where he uncovers the mystery without any dialog but rather with logical visuals) and send himself into the Scalosians' time rate ... but in the time it takes Spock to uncover this mystery in normal time, Deela's plan should've been carried out 1,000 times over.

"Wink of an Eye" works best if you don't try to use reasoning or logic and just go with the flow. The way the Scalosians' dimension is always photographed in canted angle proves effectively surreal without being distracting.

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rick - Fri, Apr 11, 2014 - 10:40pm (USA Central)
I love this episode. I also like all the season 3 episodes if for nothing else, nostalgia. Everytime I watch I am transported back to being a child watching them with my father whom is no longer among the living. That being said I do realize season 3 is weaker but this episode is a highlite. Just don't use logic and it goes down well.
dgalvan - Thu, Jun 5, 2014 - 1:37pm (USA Central)
I like this episode a lot because it was DIFFERENT. It broke what was becoming a litany of formulaic templates for Star Trek episodes. The accelerated race of people makes for an intriguing and refreshing concept, and it was a fun mystery to build up to ("what was that mosquito sound?").

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