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Season 2 (1993-1994)

  • 9/27/1993. The Homecoming ***1/2 — Major Kira embarks on a mission to rescue Li Nalas from a Cardassian prison, hoping the legendary war hero can unite the torn and divided Bajor.
  • 10/4/1993. The Circle *** — While Kira spends time searching for self-purpose at a Bajoran monastery, Sisko learns of a Bajoran terrorist group who plans to seize the station—and possibly all of Bajor.
  • 10/11/1993. The Siege *** — Following DS9's evacuation in light of a Bajoran coup, Sisko and some of his crew remain on the station to deliver crucial proof that the Cardassians are secretly involved in the Circle's attempted overthrow.
  • 10/18/1993. Invasive Procedures *** — Led by a Trill bent on stealing the Dax symbiont from Jadzia, a team of mercenaries boards an evacuated DS9 and holds the senior officers hostage.
  • 10/25/1993. Cardassians ***1/2 — The visit of a young, adopted Cardassian boy and his Bajoran father opens the door to a difficult political controversy involving Cardassian children left behind after the Cardassian withdrawal.
  • 11/1/1993. Melora ** — Ensign Melora, an Elysian woman confined to a wheelchair because of her race's susceptibility to higher gravity, comes to DS9 and finds her defensive attitude confronted by a fascinated Doctor Bashir.
  • 11/8/1993. Rules of Acquisition ** — Grand Nagus Zek hires Quark to establish a Ferengi business presence in the Gamma Quadrant, but the plan runs awry when Quark's business partner Pel turns out to be a female Ferengi.
  • 11/13/1993. Necessary Evil **** — An attempt on Quark's life leads Odo to reopen an unsolved murder mystery from years ago, rekindling memories from the when the Cardassians controlled the station.
  • 11/22/1993. Second Sight **1/2 — During the visit of a brilliant scientist, Sisko falls in love with a mysterious woman who keeps disappearing ... literally.
  • 11/29/1993. Sanctuary ** — Three million refugees from a race called the Skrreeans come through the wormhole, believing Bajor is their long-lost homeland. But their mass numbers threaten to overwhelm Bajor's population in the middle of hard times.
  • 1/3/1994. Rivals **1/2 — With the help of a gambling device, an El'Aurian con man opens a casino that threatens to put Quark out of business, so Quark attempts to regain his customers by sponsoring a charity racquetball tournament between O'Brien and Bashir.
  • 1/10/1994. The Alternate **1/2 — Odo's father figure, Doctor Mora, visits DS9, bringing with him old regrets and reopening unresolved issues in their relationship. Meanwhile, an alien lifeform the two bring back from the Gamma Quadrant threatens people on the station.
  • 1/31/1994. Armageddon Game *** — After helping a non-Federation government destroy several reams of unwanted biological weapons, O'Brien and Bashir find themselves on the run from a group of conspirators who want them dead.
  • 2/7/1994. Whispers **** — O'Brien suspects a Starfleet conspiracy of massive proportions when he returns from a security briefing to find the entire crew of DS9 exhibiting unusual behavior.
  • 2/14/1994. Paradise *** — Sisko and O'Brien beam down to a planet to find a human colony that has been stranded 10 years without the benefits of technology. But the leader of this colony is set on keeping her paradise unaltered, and tries to force Sisko into accepting their way of life.
  • 2/21/1994. Shadowplay **1/2 — Odo and Dax investigate the disappearances of several missing people in a small settlement, only to discover the entire village and its people are part of a sophisticated holographic simulation.
  • 2/28/1994. Playing God **1/2 — Dax is assigned a Trill "initiate," whom she must enlighten regarding the life of being joined with a symbiont. Meanwhile, a proto-universe brought back from the Gamma Quadrant threatens to destroy the station ... but to save the station could mean destroying an entire civilization.
  • 3/21/1994. Profit and Loss ** — Three Cardassians on the run from their own government seek refuge on DS9—and one of them is Quark's ex-lover.
  • 3/28/1994. Blood Oath ***1/2 — Dax finds herself in a difficult moral dilemma when torn between Federation values and a loyalty to three Klingons with whom Curzon Dax took an oath of vengeance.
  • 4/25/1994. The Maquis, Part I ***1/2 — Following a terrorist bombing of a Cardassian supply ship, Sisko and Dukat observe skirmishes between Federation and Cardassian colonies in a section of space supposedly demilitarized as a result of a recent treaty.
  • 5/2/1994. The Maquis, Part II ***1/2 — Sisko is forced to defuse a volatile situation by stopping the Maquis—a terrorist organization formed by Federation colonists—from attacking a Cardassian outpost.
  • 5/9/1994. The Wire ***1/2 — When a malfunctioning brain implant places Garak in mortal jeopardy, Bashir tries to save his life ... and begins to learn of the Cardassian's mysterious past.
  • 5/16/1994. Crossover **** — Kira and Bashir cross into a parallel universe to find an alternate reality where humanity has been enslaved by the allied Klingons, Cardassians, and Bajorans.
  • 5/23/1994. The Collaborator *** — Just prior to the Bajoran election of their new Kai, Vedek Winn informs Kira that Vedek Bareil may have been a Cardassian collaborator during the resistance. As a result, Kira must search for the truth even if it means exposing her lover as a traitor to the Bajoran people.
  • 6/6/1994. Tribunal *** — Chief O'Brien is arrested by the Cardassians and forced to engage in a public Cardassian show trial, despite the fact his fate has already been determined.
  • 6/13/1994. The Jem'Hadar ***1/2 — While on shore leave on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko and Quark are taken prisoner by the Jem'Hadar, the dreaded foot soldiers of the Dominion—a major power in the Gamma Quadrant that construes ships coming through the wormhole as a violation of their territories.
  • Second Season Recap — Some brief comments about season two as a whole, and episode rankings.

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