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December 31, 1997: Wow, this is late, but 'twas the season to be lazy. :) Review for VOY's "Mortal Coil" is posted at last.

December 19, 1997: I put some nifty graphical font headings at the top of the main pages. Also, you know I must be bored when I start experimenting with the Web site's main logo. :)

December 13, 1997: Cleaned some of the rough edges on various images.

December 9, 1997: Counter surpasses 40,000 hits!

December 8, 1997: I have posted my rather lengthy article about the Trek franchise: "Four Series and the Trek Ideology."

November 30, 1997: Reviews for DS9's "Statistical Probabilities" and VOY's "Concerning Flight" are now posted.

November 28, 1997: The review for VOY's "Random Thoughts" is finally posted.

November 26, 1997: Apologies for my tardiness in reviewing VOY's "Random Thoughts." November is a really bad month for me to keep up with everything (excuses, excuses). Hopefully I can get it done tonight, but it may be until tomorrow.

November 25, 1997: Updated the overview page.

November 24, 1997: Review for DS9's "Resurrection" posted.

November 19, 1997: Sorry it's late — DS9 review for "You Are Cordially Invited" is now posted.

November 18, 1997: As a new member, I have registered Star Trek: Hypertext with the HTML Writers Guild.

November 17, 1997: Added some new awards and updated the awards page [removed]!

Also, the review for DS9's "You Are Cordially Invited" will be a little bit late. Hopefully tomorrow.

November 14, 1997: Posted review for VOY's "Year of Hell, Part II."

November 12, 1997: Posted review for VOY's "Year of Hell, Part I."

November 10, 1997: Posted review of DS9's "Sacrifice of Angels."

November 2, 1997: Posted review for DS9's "Favor the Bold."

October 30, 1997: Posted review for VOY's "Scientific Method."

October 29, 1997: Posted review for DS9's "Behind the Lines."

October 27, 1997: Counter surpasses 30,000 hits since March 1.

October 26, 1997: Posted review for DS9's "Sons and Daughters."

October 22, 1997: Updated the Review Mailer page, which now uses an input form for subscribers.

October 18, 1997: I have an extremely hellish week of nonstop work ahead of me, so I'm sorry to report that I'm going to have to postpone my review for DS9's "Sons and Daughters" for the time being. I will write it, but it may be the 24th before I can get to it. This may also push back the following week's review of "Behind the Lines" by a few days. I apologize for the delays, but they're necessary. Look on the bright side: If it weren't for two weeks of Voyager reruns, I'd really be in trouble.

October 13, 1997:

To address possible viewing problems, I have darkened the ST: Hypertext background image. I've received a few comments that the old background made the text difficult to read in some cases. This change should help. If this affects you for the better, I'd be interested in hearing from you so I can get an idea of how many people experienced a problem. Thanks.

Also posted review for VOY's "The Raven."

October 11, 1997: Posted review for DS9's "Rocks and Shoals."

October 3, 1997: Posted review for VOY's "Revulsion."

October 1, 1997: Posted review for DS9's excellent season premiere, "A Time to Stand."

September 29, 1997:

I have moved my "links to other Trek sites" off the main page and onto its own page, and I've updated all other links accordingly. I have also removed the star ratings info links from the bottom of the various pages, because it isn't accessed nearly enough to necessitate such pervasive linkage.

Also, I've finally phased out the starfield background on the various index pages, which has been bugging me for a while now.

September 28, 1997: Posted review of VOY's "Nemesis."

September 23, 1997: Posted review of VOY's "Day of Honor."

September 18, 1997: I have done some editing of the copyright & disclaimer page. I also condensed the copyright info on all the other main pages, because, really, it was taking up more than its fair share of space.

September 17, 1997: 20,000 hits since the counter was installed! Thanks, everybody, for visiting!

September 13, 1997: Posted review of VOY's "The Gift."

September 7, 1997: Posted review of VOY's season premiere, "Scorpion, Part II."

September 5, 1997:

After months of slowly chipping away at the task day by day—going back, watching old episodes and writing brief reviews—I finally added DS9's second season review. This includes the second season index and summaries, the reviews, season comment, and season ranking. Whew.

Also added DS9 season 6 and VOY season 4 menus. Updated all indexes to allow access to new pages.

(No notes prior to September 5, 1997. I wish I'd started a historical record of this site long before I did, but I figure better late than never.)

Jammer's Reviews aka Star Trek: Hypertext went online in March 1995.

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