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The Review Mailer is an e-mail notification service for new reviews released at this Web site. It's handled through the jammersreviews group at Yahoo Groups, and was established in February 1999. (The Review Mailer was originally founded three years before that, in February 1996, when it was conducted strictly through e-mail. As the list grew, I eventually gave up the task of managing the addresses manually.) The Yahoo group is automated, so you can sign up or leave the group at any time. You must, however, first register through Yahoo.

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Note: This is not a discussion group. The review notifications are the only messages you will receive as a member. Any messages sent from members to the group will be automatically rejected. If you want to respond to me, contact me via e-mail.

Second note: Some readers may have been members before Yahoo required registration, which means they can't access the edit-membership page unless they are Yahoo registrants. For those members who want to leave the group, you can try e-mailing the group — or e-mail me and I can remove your e-mail address manually.

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