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Jamahl "Jammer" Epsicokhan If I ever write a hardcover book, this is what I'll use for the cover jacket.

Jamahl Epsicokhan, known on the Internet as Jammer for reasons for him to know and you not to find out, launched Jammer's Reviews in the early months of 1995 while he was a freshman in college. At the time he had a small collection of mediocre reviews that eventually expanded into the unstoppable international force-to-be-reckoned-with behemoth that Jammer's Reviews is today. Or something.

Jammer's constructive interests have usually involved website creation and newspapers. For the two newspapers he was paid to work for — one college and one professional — he was a rennaisance man who served in the multiple capacities of online editor, night editor, website designer, webmaster, graphic designer, video editor, movie critic, editorial writer, editorial board member, page layout designer, copy editor, and very occasional enterprise reporter. Not in that order.

Jammer lives in Central Illinois with his wonderful family. Every once in a while he writes about himself in the third person. Fortunately, almost never, because it really is quite pretentious. Okay, this is the only time. He promises.

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