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Guy - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 3:18pm (USA Central)
Re: TNG S5: Power Play

When O'Brien beamed down with the pattern enhancers he materialized behind a rock formation. Was it my imagination or was this rock formation a piece of set salvaged from the original series? It appeared to me to be the gateway to the past from City on the Edge of Forever.
Jack - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 2:10pm (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S7: Chimera

Presumably Odo transmitted the changeling disease to Laas here. One wonders if the cure ever made its way to Laas wherever he went after this.
Bravestarr - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 11:16am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S7: Shadows and Symbols

One of the best episdoes of the series. The part where Benny rights "Sisko opens the box." was extremly climatic and excellentently played out. The new Dax I feel works out well, she's played as fresh-faced and new to the crew, and the actress does this well.

I agree with all of you guys in regards to the crew joining Worf on his mission. It was a way to get the whole cast to "do" something but I felt it was too ham-fisted.

The Romulan blockade with Kira was very well done, although anti-climatic with the wormhole opening up and the whole plotline kinda peters out.

Overall I felt that this episode is very good and what they writers are doing with the prophets is genius! They could've left them as wormhole aliens and tried writing them off as that but they do everything they can to show the Prophets as more than just aliens, potentially even "gods" as the Bajorans believe.
Bravestarr - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 10:48am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S7: Image in the Sand

Star Trek predicted Tablets years before they existed. Now we just need replicators and I'll officially call this the future.
dgalvan - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 10:07am (USA Central)
Re: TOS S2: Journey to Babel

Good last line from McCoy, as he successfully shushes both Spock and Kirk, being patients in his Sick Bay:
"Well, what do you know! I finally got the last word!"

Corey - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 9:57am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S4: Scorpion, Part II

I loved how, when they no longer had use for the Voyager, the Borg swiftly began assimilating Janeway's ship. They get what they want, and then instantly break the alliance. Very machine-like and methodical.
Corey - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 9:50am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S3: Scorpion, Part I

This is the best Voyager action 2 parter I've seen so far. Very dramatic, bombastic, some nice music and Janeway and Chakotay's little verbal spars were riveting. Superficial? Yep, but it's one of Trek's best action outtings.
Tom - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 4:36am (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: Transfigurations

I think that "boring" adequately sums up this episode. The John/Crusher connection is supposed to be a central pillar of the episode, but it never works. She doesn't seem to be even trying to pretend that she's infatuated or interested in him.

The theme of the episode is about the birth of a new species, as well as Space Jesus/Buddhist Illumination. The problem is that they pretty much start exploring the theme 10 minutes before the end of the episode. As others have pointed out, the action was slow and there was nothing happening, no tension. I'm just glad that they didn't write off René Echevarria after this...
Tom - Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 1:42am (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: The Most Toys

This was a great episode. I agree with those who rank it among the best, it's one of my favorites so far. Great acting by Data and Fajo.

The whole episode was very dystopian by Star Trek standards. We see the Enterprise being fooled completely, at first anyway, and one of the most "innocent" characters on the show left at the mercy of a maniac. Data's resistance to Fajo was very brave and clever.

The ending reminded me a bit of DS9's in the Pale Moonlight. Data has seen a horrible side of humanity. He's willing to compromise on his absolute ethical principles in order to achieve a greater good. He's not going to let himself and others be abused by Fajo even if that means killing in what is not strictly self-defence.

Data's lie, or his omission of the truth, is a sign of character growth and a hint at the greater complexity of his character. At the beginning of the show, he's shown adhering religiously to protocol. He's not cutting any corners like a human might do. At the end, he's a lot less innocent. He tells a half-lie to avoid an inquiry into his decision to fire upon Fajo. It seems as if he's learned to compromise and lie for convenience. His encounter with human depravity has left him a little less pure.

RandomPerson - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 6:54pm (USA Central)
Re: BSG S3: The Passage

It would appear that I am in the minority, but I didn't find Kat's "noble sacrifice" to be noble at all. Unless she was already dying (which she may have been, and I just missed it), she was just taking the place of somebody else, who would have been fine. There was no real reason for her to die, except that it made things easier. If she hadn't changed patches with another pilot, the other pilot would have been guiding the Faru Sadin through the star cluster instead. Perhaps the other pilot wouldn't have lost them in the first place, because they weren't as sick.

All I saw was that Kat wanted to be a hero, and was willing to die for that. Staying behind to find the ship might have been brave if she wasn't already going to die. (Which she was, because she was already past her radiation level) But trading the patch so that she would be on that trip wasn't noble or heroic. It was stupid. Instead of dealing with her past, and facing the consequences, she decided to die instead, and it was unnecessary. I didn't find that brave. I can understand why none of the characters called her out on it, but I don't see why we shouldn't.

I loved the scene when Starbuck gave Kat the sleeping pills. It felt very honest to me.
dgalvan - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 2:25pm (USA Central)
Re: TOS S2: Metamorphosis

It bothered me that no one batted an eye about essentially sacrificing Ms. Hedford in this way. The companion said she was "still there" in a sense, but it seems like it was just the companion in Hedford's body. You could argue that Hedford was about to die anyway, but she wouldn't have been if the companion hadn't trapped them in the first place. To make it all the worse/insulting, Kirk has a one-liner where he said "I'm sure the Federation can find another diplomat to prevent that war." Like ambassadors are a dime a dozen.

Other than that the episode was thought-provoking on its own.

As part of Trek canon, it shows the fate of Zefram Cochrane, who we saw as a somewhat old dude in First Contact, and then was referenced in Enterprise as being off on some ship somewhere, lost. Apparently he got captured by the companion, reverted to youthfulness, and then eventually died with "her". Kirk/McCoy/Spock probably the last people to see him alive.
Caliburn - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 12:15pm (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: Evolution

The arc that Wesley was originally meant to undergo in this episode becomes a whole lot clearer from some deleted scenes that a collector found on a workprint VHS. The Comments section here doesn't permit direct links, but the deleted scenes can be found on TrekCore.com in two batches, the first posted on May 29, 2013 and the second on June 3, 2013. These workprint VHSes inspired the team at CBS to track down the film elements to include deleted scenes on the later Blu-rays (Season 4 and on), unfortunately too late for Evolution, which so far is one of the episodes that has the most substantial deleted scenes.

When the first batch of Evolution's deleted scenes came out, I was a tad skeptical of the value of the scenes, but once the second batch came out, I realized how several of those scenes were meant to build up to deleted scenes 82-84, which were the original turning point in Wesley's arc.

Michael Piller's comments on Wesley's character growth are also of interest, especially in light of those deleted scenes:

"I had this story about nanites. Once I got to know the scientist and realized who he was, I realized that the scientist is Wesley in forty years, if he stays on the course of being the smart kid who is dedicated to his work and seems not to have much else going on in his life. I said, 'If I use that relationship to get it down to a more human level, I can help Wesley grow. I can help Wesley move into a relationship with a girlfriend.'...That became the key element to Beverley's re-entry into the series, which was, 'My son is not having a normal childhood.' We know a lot of kids like that. I saw that and had a sense that was needed."
--from the book Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, courtesy of Memory-Alpha.org
Amanda - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 4:03am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S7: Renaissance Man

Steinway> I didn't mention it but yes, I suspected it was the doc when Janeway started stammering on the bridge and using a hypospray on Chakotay. He was easy prey to such a tiny woman :-) I mean really? He couldn't shove her down? :-) If the doc had done a subtle seductive move to get him from behind, yes, but front attack, Chakotay looked very whimpy to me.

redshirt28 - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 3:40am (USA Central)
Re: TOS S3: The Cloud Minders

Notice it was a woman that stole his brain in the first place.
Ric - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 3:31am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S3: Favorite Son

A horrible piece of junk, no question. Let's not forget, however, the nice touch of seeing, by Harry's trick, that there is still sadomasochistic sex in the 24th century.

Yeah, maybe two stars...
redshirt28 - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 3:27am (USA Central)
Re: TOS S3: The Savage Curtain

This episode would have fit right in with season 1TNG
Alex - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 2:31am (USA Central)
Re: TOS S3: Whom Gods Destroy

This episode reminded me of the two episodes involving the quartet of mental health patients Dr. Bashir treated on DS9. Either way, I found this episode entertaining, in part because of the interesting makeup and costumes worn by some of the guest characters, as well as the redressed Enterprise set.
Tom - Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 12:45am (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: Captain's Holiday

I was also surprised to see all the hate for this episode. I liked it. It's obviously lighter in tone. Jennifer Hetrick was pretty good as Vash. I thought that the episode followed a James Bond pattern, though Picard is a bit too cold to play a good James Bond. It was interesting to see Picard get romantically involved with someone. I thought that would never happen! They even slept in the same bed (or blanket thrown on fake rock floor, whatever).

It's also one of the first episodes to shape the Ferengi and bring them closer to what they will become in DS9. I'm not surprised that Behr wrote this. It's also the first episode with Rom's actor!

Overall, I thought that it was a fun episode. Sure, it's cheesy and full of cliches, but it shouldn't be taken too seriously.
Amanda - Wed, Apr 9, 2014, 11:14pm (USA Central)
Re: VOY S6: The Haunting of Deck Twelve

I like this episode. I didn't in its original airing because I knew there were only so many episodes left that I remember groaning. Now that I can only choose reruns I warmed up to it.
Tom - Wed, Apr 9, 2014, 11:08pm (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: Allegiance

I liked this one. It's funny and engaging. I think they messed up on the reveal though. The aliens weren't very convincing and the explanation seems rather contrived.
redshirt28 - Wed, Apr 9, 2014, 10:17pm (USA Central)
Re: TOS S2: A Piece of the Action

Ditto, "spocko".
redshirt28 - Wed, Apr 9, 2014, 10:13pm (USA Central)
Re: TOS S2: The Gamesters of Triskelion

Everyrhing you point out jammer is technically correct, but I still love this episode. The arena scene did it for me. Kirks "trainer" didnt hurt my eyes neither.

3 stars.
redshirt28 - Wed, Apr 9, 2014, 10:06pm (USA Central)
Re: TOS S2: The Deadly Years

The reason I see for the love interest was to provide contrast. Without it the story would just be enterprise old folks home. She also represented kirks youth and vibrancy, something that was still there inside him yet you couldnt see it.

Of course stocker represents any of us who has had a boss that knows much less than we do. Familiar?

I always enjoyed this ep very much. 3.5 stars.
Tom - Wed, Apr 9, 2014, 9:59pm (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: Sins of the Father

Great episode. This one doesn't look dated at all and it lays the ground for a lot of what we see in DS9 about the Klingons. It also creates something that won't just be thrown away at the end of the episode. It's really amazing to see how far Worf has come since season 1. He's not some kind of savage beast anymore. On the contrary, he's one of the most interesting characters on the ship. And I agree with Rikko that the quality of the acting was high and it made a big difference. Like the little wink that his brother makes at the end. This is a 4 star episode for me.
redshirt28 - Wed, Apr 9, 2014, 9:39pm (USA Central)
Re: TOS S2: I, Mudd

Usually one has to be in the presence of others to feel embarrassment, I was embarrassed at myself just to be watching it alone. The slapstick sequence was the worst trek ever produced, actors/characters nearly desroyed any credibility for me to continue enjoying this show.
I kindly give this zero stars.
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