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R. - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 12:25pm (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S5: Things Past

Did anyone else find the way Dax EFFORTLESSLY manipulates Dukat hilarious? These two characters have never had much screen time together, but she plays into his vain self-delusions perfectly.

She obviously paid attention when Kira and Sisko talked about him. :)
Yanks - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 10:20am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S4: Body Parts

I think your review is spot on Jammer.

Couple points.

It was CLEAR to me that Brunt was in on this with the Doctor from the start. As soon as he showed up to the station and was revealed to be the "highest bidder" I knew this was his plan.

I love to hear Quark talk about Ferengi "heaven" :-)

"QUARK: Yes. And when I arrive at the gates of the Divine Treasury, the Registrar will accept my bribe and usher me inside."

...and of course Brunt played by Combs is great as well. I cracked up at this line:

"BRUNT: What I want is fifty two disks of vacuum-desiccated Quark. Nothing more, nothing less. "


When both these great actors play off each other it really is a treat.

And once again, Garak's mere presence adds to this episode. I ROARED when Garak was demonstrating different methods of murder to Quark. They could have had an interaction between Quark and Garak after he decided he wasn’t going to go through with it, but I think just having Garak smile in the background when Quark tells Brunt he’s going to break the contract would have been sufficient.

Very interesting “B” story as well. Glad they figured out a way to keep Nanna. It’s my understanding that many times if a cast member gets pregnant in TV, they kill off the part.

I also agree; the ending made this episode. For a couple reasons. Quark now realizes his customers are assets, and more importantly he just might be coming to the realization that he IS a community leader as Sisko bribed him into becoming in ‘Emissary’.

The best “Ferengi” episode yet.

3.5 stars from me.
Yanks - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 9:11am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S4: The Quickening

Just great Trek and great character building episode for Julian.

Not much to add to Jammer's review here.

Damn, this virus was something. It even grew stronger in the presence of technology used to try and figure it out.

Julian gets his ego slapped around a bit to the point where he, of all people, doesn't need to take credit at the end.

The Dominion once again a revealed as "no joke".

Funny how an innocent baby always translates to hope. I really felt for Ekoria, enduring the excruciating pain for weeks to ensure her child had a chance to live.

This episode always brings a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat.

I can't find a reason not to give this one a 4.0.

Great Trek!
Yanks - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 8:52am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S4: To the Death

I'll part with Jammer on this one too.

Outstanding episode for many reasons.

Toraya believes the Founders/Vorta aren't military geniuses, I believe something is being missed in this episode. This was a secret mission for two reasons:

#1. They wanted to keep information about the portal as secret as possible.

#2. They wanted to keep information about dissenting Jem'Hadar as secret as possible.

This was a surgical rapid response strike team. Now had it not worked, other methods would have been employed.

About repairs... this is about as major a repair effort as we could see on DS9. Voyager repairing themselves is more believable than the herculean effort it would have taken to repair this upper pylon THAT IS MISSING. That said it happens all the time in both series so it just a matter of acceptance that we know that repairs can be made quickly in the 24th century. I forget, did the Enterprise D have to pull in for repairs after the Borg took a chunk out of her?

Now, back to the important stuff.

Contrary to Jammer I thought Omet’iklan was expertly played by Clarence Williams III. Wow, never once did I believe he was acting “tough” or as we’ve seen many times when someone is trying to ‘act Klingon’ over exaggerated. He portrayed the life blood of the Jem’Hadar perfectly. Loyalty and obedience. There was no question why he was the #1. BRAVO!! His exchanges with Sisko were tremendous. (and well written)

Sisko also was impressive in dealing with this situation and the Jem’Hadar. This was a battle of wills and he didn’t flinch. I had no problem with either party agreeing to join forces in this one. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” applies here perfectly.

We are introduced to Weyoun. I remember this part was not supposed to be a reoccurring one, but Combs was so damn good they had to invent cloning to bring him back. I agree, what an outstanding DS9 character and Mr. Combs continues to bring all his characters to life. A truly great asset to Trek. Until I read this review and comments, I was not aware that Weyoun infected Odo. Wow, now that makes sense and unveils the reason for the teary-eyed interaction between Odo and Weyoun where Weyoun was trying to get Odo to come home. Weyoun was infecting his god! Well done.

I also enjoyed the interaction between Jadzia and Virak’kara. “I stopped counting at 300” :-)

I too thought the scene where Weyoun handed out the white was hilarious.

Yes, we lost some redshirts in the fight. Since when is that a problem? They had a plan and executed it well under tough circumstances. Especially when they found out their phasers didn’t work because of the gateway. How was this episode supposed to end? …. Where the Jem’Hadar suppoed to go down there and bond with the renegades? No problem with a fight to meet their objective. Sisko also made a pretty significant point to the #1 when he took an injury protecting him in battle.

“OMET'IKLAN: I threatened to kill you, but you were still willing to sacrifice yourself to save my life.
SISKO: Looks that way.
SISKO: If you have to ask, you'll never understand.”

The same goes for the methods of discipline I’m sure. Respect was earned by Sisko here. Just because your enemies does not mean warring parties can’t and don’t respect one another. Omet’iklan expressed this by stating there had been enough killing here today sparing Sisko and his men, but he also reinforced the fact that loyalty and obedience is paramount for them as he vowed to kill every last dissenting Jem’Hadar on the planet and that he killed Weyoun for questioning his loyalty.

This is a great episode that reveals what exactly makes the Dominion tic and a great baseline for just how formidable an enemy the Jem’Hadar are. It also set the stage for a later episode where Worf is imprisoned and fights the Jem’Hadar in the ring.

Here is why I can’t give this episode a 4.0

#1. Where are the dissenting Jem’Hadar getting their white?

#2. How will taking this white that Weyoun had be of any help? They can’t access the container; if they could I’m certain there would be a bunch of dead Vorta in the Dominion :-)

3.5 stars for me.

Tommy - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 7:35am (USA Central)
Re: TNG S6: Second Chances

They should have made this a two-parter, but only if they were going to follow through on killing the "real" Will.

As it is, it's rushed. Will's hostility toward his double comes off as forced.

Regarding Tom's state of mind, I think the only explanation is that the station had a holodeck. That's pure conjecture, but it's the only thing that would explain his mental health.
Yanks - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 7:05am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S1: Captive Pursuit

@ Elliot.

It didn't make Sisko look ridiculous at all. It showed outstanding leadership.

See here's what you don't understand. He 'had' to tell Odo to "try" and catch him because to tell Odo not to is like telling a fireman he couldn't respond to a fire. Telling him to take his time was a Commanding Officer showing outstanding leadership and recognizing the bigger picture.

If you think about it, Sisko followed the prime directive here. Who is he to stop something that both parties of another race/society condone. Can he put a stop to it on the station? Sure. So he was smart enough to realize the only way to do the right thing was to "let" Tosk escape.

He handled the situation perfectly. No Odo can say "I tried", Obrien can say "sorry" and Sisko can truthfully report that he made an effort to capture an escaped prisoner. All while ensuring the right thing was done.

pauls - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 4:09am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S5: Timeless

I guess I missed something...
If they can send a message (even a video message!)
back in time, why couldn't he just tell them to not even try the slip stream drive in the first place?

This is my problem with a lot of lazy time travel stories. Why go back to a point in time just before an major event? Why not much earlier?
Sean - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 3:15am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S7: Inside Man

"As far as the Voyager-characters-as-saps paradigm goes, the last scene aboard Voyager is perhaps the show's most telling, in which Tom and B'Elanna pull Harry's leg with a far-fetched premise that promises another way home. And there he is, Harry Kim, still, after all these years and the immediately preceding events of "Inside Man," playing the part of the hapless chump — just as gullible and naive as he was when this series premiered nearly six years ago. Is this supposed to be a funny joke on the character? If we buy into it, I'm thinking the joke is on us."

Yeah, this one scene really does tell it all doesn't it? The Voyager characters and the show itself are just caricatures. They're not real people who change. The episodes are not things that really happen. It's just one caricature after another. It's what really disappoints me about the show. No character development, no attempt at telling a decent story, no real attempt at being a Star Trek show and living up the massive legacy left behind by TNG and DS9. It should have been good and it settled for less. It chose mediocrity when you knew that it had so much more potential. It had the premise, it had the writers, it had the concept. It should have been good, by all rights. But it settled. Played for the cheap seats. It's such a disappointment. A waste of seven seasons of Trek.
Sean - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 3:05am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S7: Inside Man

"(No one on board Voyager, by the way, will survive the radiation when traveling through this anomaly, which makes me wonder if even Ferengi would resort to murdering 150 people to score a quick buck.)"

I get the impression from DS9 that the answer to that question is no. Unless they're an arms dealer or some other shady business like that. For the most part, Ferengi like people to be alive so they can make deals.
Elliott - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:50am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S7: The Siege of AR-558

@Sean: as I said before, the issue I take is with the psychological endurance in this extreme circumstance. We have every indication that the Dominion War is more of a drain on Starfleet's resources than either the Klingon or Cardassian Wars. The whole premise of this episode relies on the idea that Starfleet is at unprecedented levels of desperation (thus why replacement personnel had not arrived in so long).
Sean - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:48am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S7: Inside Man

Oh ok. Good to know. I thought they were just pulling the "hologram isn't going to last long in the transmitter" thing out of their ass just for this episode.

Well it's not a good episode, just that one comment rubbed me the wrong way. Since, you know, Picard's assimilation is one of the main story points of all of Star Trek.

Also, it might be just me, but the Pathfinder cast seems like they'd make for a more interesting show then Voyager. Or at least a more interesting focus of the show then Voyager's main cast. They seem promising, if the show used them more. They're definitely the high point of every episode they're in.
Elliott - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:46am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S1: Captive Pursuit

@Robert: Sisko could have prevented Tosk from escaping. Miles told him he expected to be stopped but had to try anyway. Therefore, Sisko not only condoned, but actively assisted in the escape. He was rather clear in his disapproval of the Hunt, Prime Directive aside, so if he wanted to support Miles and Tosk, more power to him. But to hide behind telling Odo to just try and catch him really slowly is a childish move and a cowardly choice, trying to have it both ways where isn't "technically" culpable for his actions.
Elliott - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:42am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S1: Captive Pursuit

@Yanks : "Did Picard go through "First Contact procedures" with Data's pen pal? No."

Of course not. Her civilisation was pre-warp and her memory was wiped anyway.

Regarding Sisko, I don't begrudge him having Miles greet him at the door without a full colours band contingent, but he could have at least introduced himself in the days Tosk was on board the station before the Tron arrived. It's actually quite a minor point, but it makes Sisko look ridiculous meeting a race for the first time behind bars when the alien had been on his station for quite a while.
Elliott - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:39am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S7: Inside Man

Also re: your previous comment: Doc was warned that his programme might be irretrievable by Janeway and that his going would be a great risk in "Message in a Bottle." In "Life Line," Doc is indeed pulled out of the buffer immediately on both ends.
Elliott - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:36am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S7: Inside Man

@Sean : To be fair, Picard was Borg for like a day, not his entire life. This episode is, however, one of the low points of the season, so I wouldn't expend much energy defending it.
Elliott - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:34am (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: Who Watches the Watchers

@ Sean :

If you consider human psychological evolution to increase in speed as much as the technological evolution the Trek-verse asks you to believe, it's not so difficult to conceive. Think about how much weaker religion's hold on us is now compared to 400 years ago. With the disappearance of money and corporate political institutions, religion serves to purpose in the Federation. I'm certain that people are still spiritual (there is evidence of this), but organised religion is anathema to the kind of civilisation we see.
Sean - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:21am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S7: Inside Man

Ten minutes in and I'm pissed off again. Holo-Barclay says that everyone's looking forward to seeing Seven because she was Borg. Despite the odds she was able to re-claim her humanity. No one's every done that before. -_-

Did this show seriously just forget about Picard? The Best of Both Worlds? Wolf 359? One of the best and most exciting stories of Star Trek ever? Was the beginning of DS9? None of this ringing a bell to any of you idiots writing this horrible excuse for a Star Trek show? No? Ok... moving on. >_>
Sean - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 2:13am (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: Who Watches the Watchers

I have a hard time accepting the premise that religion wouldn't exist at all in the Star Trek future. If anything, religion is notorious for its lack of ability to change. Knowing that there are alien races out there wouldn't stop religion from existing. Being able to explore the galaxy wouldn't stop it. WW3 wouldn't stop it. A nuclear war might even make MORE people religious.

I just can't see a point where religion just sort of stops existing. All of it, worldwide. It doesn't make sense. Indeed, you'd probably see aliens adopting human religion and vice versa. It just doesn't go away as easily as Trek wants it to. It never historically has. No matter how non-religious the population tends to be, religion is still there and pops back up again and again.
Sean - Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 1:43am (USA Central)
Re: VOY S7: Inside Man

Ok. Stop. Stop everything. I'm about a minute and a half in and I'm already pissed off. Harry "Can't Get a Lock Kim" says that the "transceiver wasn't designed to hold photonic data, we've got to get it out of there before it degrades." Just shoot me already. So you're telling me that when you sent the Doctor to Zimmerman and when he was sent back to Voyager, the transceiver was not designed to hold his program and so they had to pull him out quicly before he degraded? Did he know he was going to be facing such danger? I mean they treat him like a regular sentient being, so he should probably be aware of something that could potentially kill him.
TMB - Wed, Jul 30, 2014, 7:03pm (USA Central)
Re: Star Trek: Nemesis

As said by many others, this movie killed Trek for two major reasons (and a couple minor ones):

1. The scripts for Insurrection and Nemesis were no better than a regular episode and couldn't carry the weight of a feature film. They were boring and winning no new fans. "Mustachioed Villain with BS motivations a doomsday weapon and a countdown part n" would have been a good working title.

2. Everything about this plot was a big middle finger to the loyal fans they had left. Every five minutes was a major break in years of continuity built between TNG, DS9, and even parts of the previous couple movies. I wasn't expecting the movie to cater to fanboys, but it was like the writers never watched a single episode of Star Trek before making the movie. As a fan of Trek I spent more time scratching my head than watching the movie the first time around.

3. The TNG movies could have been called "Picard and Data parts I-IV." Every single plot was about them and only them. The rest of the cast combined probably didn't equal their screen time.

4. The TNG series ended on a fairly high note, but they were running out of ideas and laid the groundwork for DS9 and Voyager. The movies had nothing to offer except show us how the TNG cast was aging before our eyes.
Kahryl - Wed, Jul 30, 2014, 2:54pm (USA Central)
Re: TNG S3: The Survivors

WHY did Picard not get this guy's phone number??
Robert - Wed, Jul 30, 2014, 12:39pm (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S4: Accession

I guess I just mean that Kirk didn't seem to have been in there 100 years and that a piece of Guinan still seemed to be connected to it. I don't mean that it's entirely un-linear, it just didn't feel as linear as our reality. Certain things about that realm seem to work like the prophet's realm. It's probably over complicating it though to compare 2 things we don't understand with each other.
Yanks - Wed, Jul 30, 2014, 11:45am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S1: Captive Pursuit


I agree with a lot of what you post but I don't agree at all WRT your take on "First Contact procedures" here.

"DAX: I think we might want to skip formal first contact procedures for now.
SISKO: Agreed. Why don't you meet him by yourself at the airlock, Mister O'Brien. He might find that a little less intimidating.
O'BRIEN: Aye, sir.
SISKO: And, if you can, find out what he's so nervous about.
O'BRIEN: Aye, sir."

Sisko made a judgement call based on his observations. He had no idea a group of soldiers was hunting him. Letting him stay with Obrien was reasonable. It's not like Obrien was all alone. Odo & company were just a chest tap away.

Did Picard go through "First Contact procedures" with Data's pen pal? No.
Yanks - Wed, Jul 30, 2014, 11:24am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S4: Accession

@ Robert.

Good points all. I like that take on the orbs.

I don't know that the Nexus compairison is the right one though. Linear time was never an issue with it. One exited when one wanted to, not when the Nexus said to.
Yanks - Wed, Jul 30, 2014, 11:18am (USA Central)
Re: DS9 S4: Hard Time

Very good episode, although I don't give it a 4.0 for a couple reasons.

#1. This episode assumes that Sisko, Kira, Odo, Star Fleet and the Federation just sit back and accept that Obrien committed these crimes. I know the episode say the Argrathi convicted, sentenced and administered punishment before anyone could do anything, but Kira was there – you telling me she wouldn’t do anything? The punishment only took a "few hours". So either Kira was there with him and didn’t put up a fight, or they were close enough to get her there quickly and if that’s the case why didn’t they go? eeesh.... Are these folks a member of the Federation, are the in the GQ? Wow, Picard didn't even do that when Wesley broke stupid laws on that planet (whatever the name of it was). He respected their process until it led to Wesley being put to death, and then he said enough is enough. It was convenient for this episode, but damn.... on your own I guess, right O'Brien?

#2. 20 years? NO ONE makes it that long under the conditions Obrien was subject to. That's the equivalent of getting thrown in solitary confinement. No food for weeks? No bathrooms? Not even a cot? The sentence was 15 cycles, why did he do 20?

#3. Was Ee'Char, played wonderfully by Craig Wasson, put in there by the Argrathi to help O'Brien get through the punishment? ... or was he too being punished and this mind gizmo linked the two together?

#4. I understand (I think) why the writers chose Bashir (O’Brien’s best friend) but I thought his little pep talk at the end was not delivered very well and therefore not very moving. It should have been given by Keiko. I think she would have had a much more emotional impact, and it was O'Bien's emotions that were getting the best of him. Hell, if I were Bashir, I would have tackled him.

#5. Obrien said: “mankind had out grown hate and rage” …. Really? How can he believe that? I guess he should have told Picard that while fighting the Borg in First Contact, or Janeway while pursuing the Equinox, or Sisko when he gasses planets to make them uninhabitable for the Maquis… strive for it, have improved as a race controlling them, but how could anyone believe it is a reality?

I don’t see this as a “reset button” episode. What was eating away at O’Brien was the fact he killed his cell mate/friend, not that he had been cooped up for 20 years. Once he acknowledged that, I don’t see the “road to recovery” taking that long for Miles. I also don’t see the need for pills that prohibit hallucinations either. When we saw Ee'Char acknowledging Obrien and leaving at the end, I think it was clear to Obrien that he wouldn’t be seeing/needing him again. Ee'Char was helping Obrien, just like he had in the cell.

While Colm’s performance was a good one, there are too many “WTF’s” to give this one a 4.0. Bashir not being able to wipe just those memories away I don’t think is one of them BTW.

3 stars for me.
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